MH17 plane crash: Kerry points finger at Russia


Is this person responsible for the deaths of nearly 300 people?, if so that makes him a mass murderer.

( Media Release) US Secretary of State John Kerry has said there is overwhelming evidence of Russian complicity in the downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane in Ukraine.

Mr Kerry called on Russia to take responsibility for the actions of the rebels, saying their handling of the dead had been “grotesque”.

All 298 people on flight MH17 died when it was reportedly hit by a missile.

Russia has been accused of providing the rebels with an anti-aircraft system that was allegedly used in the attack.

It denies the allegations.

Earlier, the remains of up to 196 people were loaded on to refrigerated rail wagons in Torez, eastern Ukraine.

A second train has now arrived there to collect more bodies. Ukrainian officials say 251 bodies and 86 body parts have been found.

Negotiations are continuing between the authorities in Kiev and the rebels for the trains to be allowed to leave for government-held territory for identification and analysis.

Unconfirmed reports say three Dutch investigators have now arrived to the rebel-held city of Donetsk and are due to travel to Torez.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop called on pro-Russian separatists not to use the bodies as pawns in their conflict with the Ukrainian authorities.

“There are 298 bodies on that site – their families, their loved ones want them home now,” she said.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was essential to give international experts complete security so they could conduct an independent investigation.

“It is necessary to do everything to ensure [the investigation's] full, absolute security; to provide the humanitarian corridors it needs in its work,” he said.

‘Wake-up call’Mr Kerry said the US had seen major military supplies moving into Ukraine from Russia in the last month, including a convoy of armoured personnel carriers, tanks and rocket launchers.

Intercepted calls suggested a Russian SA-11 missile system – also known as BUK – had been transferred to the rebels, Mr Kerry said, and the US had seen a video of a launcher being moved back into Russia after flight MH17 crashed.

“There’s [an] enormous amount of evidence that points to the involvement of Russia in providing these systems, training the people on them,” Mr Kerry said on a US TV network.

He also threatened further sanctions on Russia and called on European allies to get tougher with President Putin after the “wake-up call”.

On Sunday, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Europe and the West “must fundamentally change our approach to Russia” if Mr Putin “does not change his approach to Ukraine”.

At the scene: Fergal Keane, BBC News, at the crash siteThe indiscipline and chaos of the last two days have been replaced by the robust presence of former riot policemen who now form a cordon around the central area of the crash site.

There is still no sign of the fully fledged independent investigation which is being demanded by the international community.

During the morning local volunteers have been searching the fields. We have been told that their job is to pinpoint belongings and remains to the emergency services. But this could easily have the effect of disturbing evidence important to an inquiry.

As for the strong words from British Prime Minister David Cameron attacking Russia they are likely to have little impact on the rebels here. They are contemptuous of the West and are much more concerned with the local military balance than with any warnings from London.

Bodies movedMr Kerry’s comments joined a chorus of anger directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin after the rebels in charge of the crash site restricted access to the plane’s wreckage and its victims.

The remains of up to 196 people were loaded on to refrigerated rail wagons at the crash site in Grabove on Sunday, three days after the Boeing 777 came down.

The freight train is now standing at Torez railway station, 15km (nine miles) from the crash site.

The carriages, with heavy closed doors, look like refrigeration units and there is the occasional smell normally associated with dead bodies, the BBC’s Richard Galpin reports from Torez.

Speaking in Donetsk, the biggest rebel-held city in the east, rebel leader Alexander Borodai said the bodies would remain in Torez until international aviation inspectors arrived.

He said the bodies had been moved “out of respect for the families”, adding: “We couldn’t wait any longer because of the heat and also because there are many dogs and wild animals in the area.”

‘Site compromised’The rebels say they will hand over MH17′s flight recorders to the International Civil Aviation Organization but the US state department said rebels had tampered with other potential evidence.

Heavy machinery could be seen moving plane debris around at the crash site on Sunday.

Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong-Lai, who arrived in Ukraine’s capital Kiev at the weekend, said he was “very concerned” that the crash site had been “severely compromised”.

A Malaysian team of 133 officials and experts, comprising of search and recovery personnel, forensics experts, technical and medical experts have also arrived in Ukraine.

But the government in Kiev says it has been unable to establish a safe corridor to the crash site for the group.

Fighting remains ongoing in eastern Ukraine between the separatist rebels and government forces in a conflict which erupted in April and is believed to have claimed more than 1,000 lives.

The passenger list released by Malaysia Airlines shows the plane was carrying 193 Dutch nationals, including one with dual US nationality.

Other victims included 43 Malaysians (including 15 crew), 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians, 10 Britons, four Germans, four Belgians, three from the Philippines, and one from both Canada and New Zealand.

Memorial services and vigils were held on Sunday in many countries, including Australia, Malaysia and the Netherlands.


Four signs your employer is going down the drain

signs your employer is going down the drain(Media Release) When Jonathan Cutler joined eToys in the summer of 1999, he thought he might be at the company forever.

The Los Angeles-based online toy seller appeared to be one of the dot-com bubble era’s more promising technology companies. As director of communications, Cutler fielded an ever-increasing number of media requests.

“It was incredible,” he said. “There was a great euphoria in the space and I had a chance to be in an industry and a company that was growing up in front of me.”

Less than two years later, the company shut down and Cutler was searching for work. Like many web-based businesses back then, eToys wasn’t turning a profit, which scared off investors. Remember the dot-com bust?

Cutler knew that things were bad for months before the firm was shuttered — the mood at the office soured and there were layoffs — yet he stayed until he got his pink slip and felt terrible when he walked out the door for the last time.

“We ( all felt hugely defeated,” said Cutler, who now runs JCUTLER Media Group, a communications firm he started in 2006. “We gave our blood, sweat and tears and we truly believed in it.”

There are plenty of managers and executives with whom Cutler can commiserate. Many once mighty companies — Blockbuster, Compaq, Enron to name a few — have either closed their doors or been gobbled up by competitors, leaving surprised employees jobless and confused.

Most recently, US cupcake chain Crumbs Bake Shop surprised employees and customers when it said 7 July it would close. The following day, doors of the company’s 42nd Street store in New York were locked and the store was dark.

Sometimes it’s obvious that a company is going under. Yet employees often have little or no idea that their company is truly in trouble until the end. There are some ways to tell if your employer is about to go belly up, however.

In 2001, Juliet Boghossian landed her dream job at Contessa Premium Foods, a Commerce, California-based seafood company.

She was responsible for launching a frozen food division. By 2007, frozen foods made up about 50% of total revenue for the multinational company.

At first, Boghossian was living the high life. She travelled across the country in a private jet, she had big expense accounts and her division was growing exponentially.

Then came the Great Recession. Nearly half the staff at Contessa was laid off between 2009 and 2011 and the company began cutting back on benefits such as matching employee 401(k) retirement contributions, spousal benefits and free coffee in the office.

Contessa ran into problems for multiple reasons. One of them, according to Boghossian: The company failed to change along with the industry.

During the recession, more restaurants started selling their own frozen meals. If people wanted to save money by not eating out, they went to the grocery store for a lower cost treat — a version of their favourites from places, such as PF Chang’s, said Boghossian.

In just four years, Contessa’s share of the frozen food industry fell from 80% to 25%. Its combined woes led Contessa to be sold to a private equity firm in 2011.

“We were number one, but all of these top restaurants made us irrelevant,” she said. “We didn’t change, we didn’t get better, we didn’t innovate.”

Industry upheaval disruption is hardly unique to food companies. US video rental chain Blockbuster went out of business in part because companies such as Netflix offered streaming online films for a fraction of what it cost to rent movies said Melissa Sonberg, a Montreal-based executive in residence at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management.

“This was technological disruption that people could see coming at them way back,” she said about Blockbuster. “It’s pretty easy to see the impact of disruptions like this once it becomes obvious.”

Tell-tale signs

By 2009, Boghossian saw other signs of trouble.

Production fell — it started making products three days a week instead of five and went from two shifts on those days to one — and never recovered.

“When I saw that production was down and continued to get worse not better, that is when I knew the company was in serious trouble,” she said.

There’s another way to tell that the company issues go beyond a sector downturn or recession: it’s the only one of its peers having problems, said Sonberg. If its competitors are thriving and the economy is growing, then whatever’s ailing the business is likely company-specific.

Cash flow falls

As one of KPMG’s London-based restructuring partners, Roger Bayly has made a career out of identifying troubled companies. His one sure-fire way to tell if a company is in trouble: it is haemorrhaging cash.

“Cash is king,” he said. If there’s not enough money to keep the business going then it will certainly fold, he said.

It’s not just poorly run companies that run into cash flow problems, Bayly said. Many promising fast-growing operations have also folded because they didn’t have enough cash to keep expanding.

“A business can run out of cash when it’s growing and when it’s shrinking,” he said. “It’s not so much about revenue, it’s about what’s really happening to their cash.”

It’s easier to see cash flow at public companies since they report revenues, profits and cash flow numbers. Start by looking at the company’s quarterly cash flow statement. This document details what cash is coming and what’s going out. You want to see more dollars entering the business than leaving it, said Bayly.

A lack of funds was a big reason why eToys folded, said Cutler. In the year it went bust, the company was actually bringing millions of dollars in revenue, but because the company was expanding quickly, it was also strapped for cash, he explained.

“The irony is that… we were running out of money and couldn’t raise additional funds,” he said. “Even with that revenue, the company was not going to make it.”

Nasty rumours When a company is on its way to going bust, people outside the firm tend to talk and rumours fly, said Sonberg.

If you’re at a party and hear people talking about your business, then you might want to start thinking hard about what’s really going on.

“A lot of the times, the rumour mill becomes incredibly rich,” she said. “Competitors might be dropping weird comments like, ‘I’m surprised to see you at the sales conference’.” If that happens, ask yourself , “What do your competitors know that’s fuelling the rumour mill that you don’t know?,” Sonberg said.

When to move on

Whether or not an employee should jump ship at the first sign of trouble is up to the staffer. In some situations, you could actually get promoted in a time of turmoil, especially if more senior executives leave.

Boghossian, who quit her job 2013 and is now a behavioural expert and consultant, stayed and took on new responsibilities after Contessa was bought by a private equity firm.

Cutler, formerly of eToys, was given about a month’s notice for his termination, which gave him time to look for a new job while still collecting a pay cheque.

Whatever you do, it’s better to be aware of what’s happening, say those who have been through the dying company dance.

“Having a clear understanding of the path ahead is always beneficial, for better or worse,” said Cutler. “It allows you time to deal with what has transpired and effectively plan your next move.”

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Almond Oil not only a super food, but also the new miracle in skin care


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Almond Oil, One of the most popular base ingredients in massage oil &
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and is moderately priced. It is best kept under refrigeration and has
a shelf life up to one year.Texture: Slightly oily, leaves a slight
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with a tinge of yellow.Mood/Purpose: Relaxing .Aroma/Fragrance: Light,
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in vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamins B2 and B6, protein, and
glycosides.Benefits: It nourishes the skin, relieving dryness and
irritations. Used as a treatment for psoriasis.

Apricot Oil (Apricot kernel carrier oil) is mostly used in face
products. It is easily absorbed by the skin and oily feel to the skin.
Rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, its application works wonders in
nourishing the skin. It is usually colorless, but depending on the
fruit, at times, has a tinge of yellow. It is best kept under
refrigeration as it has a shelf life of approximately six months & it
blends well with most oils. (

 Avocado oil is the rich, thick, dark green oil derived from the flesh
of the avocado. It has excellent skin penetrating properties which
makes it perfect to use on dry and flaky skin conditions. Avocado oil
is generally used in small quantity with other carrier oils as it may
over power the blend. Unrefined Avocado contains more of the Avocado
fruit, its beneficial properties are greater & is dark green in color
and heavier. Texture: Thick, leaves a fatty, almost waxy feel to the
skin.Color: Deep olive green. Refined Avocado oil is yellow to
yellowish-green in color and is lighter than unrefined Avocado oil.

Mood/Purpose: Relaxing.Aroma/Fragrance: Sweet.& Nutty
Active Ingredients: It is a particularly rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D,
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Germany says Russia failing to meet Ukraine commitments

Ukrainean flag(Media Release) Germany has criticised Russia for failing to meet commitments to end the violence in Ukraine, and said it might face further EU sanctions.

The warning follows talks between Chancellor Angela Merkel, US President Barack Obama and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko.

A spokesman for Mrs Merkel said all three were disappointed by Russia’s failure to act.

Meanwhile Ukrainian officials said six soldiers died overnight.

Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March, and has been accused of fanning the rebellion in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

More than 1,000 civilians and combatants have been killed since mid-April, when Ukrainian security forces moved to regain control of the eastern regions, while tens of thousands of people have left the region.

Both sides possess and use heavy weapons such as multiple rocket launchers and tanks.


EU leaders are meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, when they might choose to increase sanctions on Russia.

Mrs Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said she had agreed with Mr Poroshenko in a phone call ahead of the summit that “Russia has been insufficient in meeting expectations” on steps to end the fighting.

Mr Seibert ( pointed out that pro-Russian rebels had still not joined talks between Kiev, Moscow and western mediators.

He said the two leaders “shared the judgement of the OSCE [Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe] that the separatists lack… the will to enter into serious talks on declaring a mutual ceasefire”.

The OSCE spoke out against pro-Russian separatists on Tuesday after a planned video conference call failed to take place.

“In the opinion of the Contact Group, this indicates a lack of willingness on the side of the separatists to engage in substantive talks on a mutually agreed ceasefire,” the OSCE said in a statement.

The EU and US have already imposed some sanctions on Russian individuals and companies earlier this year, as Moscow annexed Crimea.

According to a draft statement seen by Reuters news agency, EU leaders will now also block loans for new projects in Russia by two multilateral lenders and broaden the scope of other sanctions.

The leaders will ask the European Investment Bank to suspend financing of new Russian public sector projects, the reported draft statement says.

They will also reportedly work together to suspend funding for new projects in Russia through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Ahead of Wednesday’s EU summit, at least 40,000 malicious images and insults were posted to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Facebook page, likening her to Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop for her relations with Russia.

They are thought to have been posted by Ukrainians fiercely opposed to Russia or a Russian source trying to drive a wedge between Ukraine and Germany.

‘Bloody provocation’In the continuing violence, 11 people died when a plane bombed a rebel-held town on Tuesday.

Local people and rebels blamed the attack on the government, which denied involvement, amid Ukrainian suggestions a Russian warplane might have carried it out.

Ukrainian Security Council spokesman Andrei Lysenko called the bombing of Snizhne a “cynical and bloody provocation” aimed at discrediting Ukraine’s armed forces.

Ukrainian defence analyst Dmitry Tymchuk argued the attack could only have been carried out by Russian jets as Ukrainian planes had carried out no flights since the An-26 transport plane was downed on Monday.

If true, it would be the first known occasion when a Russian warplane had become involved in the conflict.

Sergei, a rebel commander at the scene who declined to give his surname, told the Associated Press that local people bore witness to Ukrainian involvement.

“Many local citizens saw the plane that dropped the bomb – it had Ukrainian markings,” he said. “Why Ukraine would bomb its own territory is harder for me to say.”


Heritage Bank to Parents and their 2014 Baby Budget Planning


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Heritage Bank sees the integral process in managing family finances like budget planning for kids. They created a checklist on how to get that financial status in right shape and other affecting factors like insurance, superannuation and wills.

If you’re reading this in between finding a new appreciation for mummy blogs and liking every organic nappy Facebook page for your chance to win one of three tie dyed sets then chances are there’s a baby in your life. If this is the case, you’ve come to the right spot. If you’ve got a baby on the way or if one has just arrived you’re not going to want to stress about finances on top of everything else. So, grab a cuppa and strap yourself in for a real treat – we’ve put together everything you need to consider to get you on track financially with your brand new family.   (

What you need to do to get on track financially

1. Budget for your new family

If you haven’t noticed, we’re all about budgeting on this blog – a budget is the best way to look at where you’re at and where you want to be. It’s a great tool to reach your goals and can be a starting point for conversations between you and your partner or family.

ASIC’s MoneySmart website suggests your baby budget should include three columns: Before Bub, With Bub and After Bub. We’ve done up a pretend budget for you to follow below. Get your very own printable baby budget planner here

Jessica and Sam’s Baby Budget

Before Bub With Bub After Bub
Income Sam’s income
Jessica’s income Sam’s income
Jessica’s annual leave and paid maternity leave
Government paid parental leave (18 weeks)? – need to check Sam’s income
Jessica’s income (3 days a week)
Child care benefit? – need to check
Child care rebate?
Expenses Hospital and other medical costs
Maternity clothes
Nursery set-up Baby clothes
Initial medical costs Childcare (TBA) – ask Mum and Dad if they can look after baby 2 days.

2. Find out your financial entitlements

By the time bub comes along, you should be well versed in the various entitlements available to people with babies. Whether you are purely relying on your employer’s maternity leave entitlements or you’re able to sign up for government incentives, it’s important to know what you should be receiving. Firstly, you will need to ask your employer about your paid leave entitlements. This includes maternity leave, annual leave, unpaid leave or long service leave.
Next, you should find out if you are entitled to a Baby Bonus (also known as a Maternity Payment from Centrelink) or the Government’s Parental Leave Pay.

For more information about Government entitlements visit the MoneySmart website.

3. If you need it, research and organise childcare

Although it’s probably not what you want to be thinking about already, child care will be one of your biggest expenses if you or your partner return to work. Your childcare options could include partners, relatives or friends, a childcare centre or family day care, workplace childcare or an in-home nanny. Depending on your situation you may be entitled to government help with some of these options. Whichever option you chose, ensure you include any costs associated with it in your Baby Budget.

Put money aside where you can and start saving early. The more you can save along the way the less stress you’ll have when it comes time to start paying for childcare.

To find out if there are any government entitlements you can access visit the Department of Human Services.

4. Protect your family

To ensure your family is protected you will need to ensure your superannuation, insurance and your will are all up to date.
If you stop working to start a family your employer’s contributions into your superannuation account will stop. There are a number of options for you to consider with superannuation:
• If you have a partner, can they make super contributions on your behalf?
• Are you eligible for a government co-contribution?
A qualified financial advisor will be able to help you make a decision on what to do to ensure the best for your financial future.
Taking out insurance will help set your mind at ease. If you do not have insurance in the following areas, it will pay to take a look at each option. Now you have a small child relying on you, the stakes are higher if something were to happen to you or your possessions. Insurance products you may like to consider include:

• Motor vehicle insurance
• Home building and contents insurance
• Income protection
• Life insurance

Legally, you will need to protect your child through your will. As well as thinking about who would be the guardian of your child should something happen to you, it is important you have your finances in order and written into your will correctly.
Ensure you have done a stock-take of your financial situation. This includes closing any accounts you don’t use and putting your money where it is most viable. Your Bank can help you do this.

You can request help with your will through your State Government. For example, Queensland residents can contact the Queensland Public Trustee for help.

PR Contact:

Kathryn Williams
P: 131422
E: [email protected]
Heritage Bank
Heritage Bank is Australia’s largest customer-owned bank. With a history going back to 1875, we’ve always been in the business of helping Australians realise their financial dreams and enrich their lives. What’s the difference between a bank and a customer-owned bank? We’re independent – owned by our customers, not shareholders. So instead of pursuing massive profits, our focus is on putting People first.

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All Dryer Internals, product process area is in 316 / 316L, stainless
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Validation ports and nitrogen purge nozzles provided. Fluid heating
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Integrated Vacuum pump system provided to match custom requirements.
CIP (Cleaning In Place) system can be provided. PLC based automation
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DQ,IQ/OQ, FAT / SAT protocols. Circular and rectangular Drying systems
ideal for small to moderate levels of productionLoad cell system
integration for lab models. Kilolab Model to Production Models
available. All Stainless Steel/ Hastelloy construction with Contacts /
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Process contact surfaces finished with corrosion-resistant
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material. Tray Size 406mm x 812mm x 32mm. Roto cone Vacuum Dryer is
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Ideal Drying system for hazardous/ toxic material. All Dryer
Internals, product process area is in 316 / 316L, stainless steel
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and discharging system. Dust tight extension sleeves.

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