EU takes on Apple, Ireland and the United States

Apple(Media Release) How should we tax giant technology companies that are able to move money, operations, and often digital goods across borders with increasing ease?

That is at the heart of today’s European ruling.

The European Commission believes the time has come for radical action to force multinationals to pay more and stop governments competing to offer them special treatment. But it faces battles on many fronts.

First, against governments such as Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, which face losing the advantages that attract foreign investment. They resent what they see as interference in their right to set their own taxes. Even the promise of a huge boost to its tax revenues does not seem likely to placate the Irish government.

Then, of course, there is the might of Apple and its army of lawyers and lobbyists. The technology company seems confident that the commission is acting way beyond its own rules in interpreting tax deals – and by the way, Apple denies it got anything that wasn’t open to others – as illegal state aid.

It has been pointing journalists towards a recent article by a legal expertsuggesting that the commission’s use of state aid as a tool to drive tax reform “threatens to undermine the rule of law”.

And then ( there is the United States government, which last week got its retaliation in first by warning that the EU was trying to become some kind of global tax authority, and was discriminating against American firms.

Now, the US would also like Apple to pay more – but only to its own coffers.

Apple’s global manufacturing activities and its estimated $215bn (£164bn) cash mountain have become election issues in 2016.

So, the European Commission faces some formidable opponents and may find itself entangled in litigation and diplomatic disputes for years. But it may well believe that it has one powerful lobby behind its campaign – European consumers.

At a time when globalisation and arrogant multinationals are both going right out of fashion – and governments are still imposing austerity policies – the commission believes that giving Apple a bloody nose will win bravos rather than boos from ordinary people who have to pay their taxes.

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Alien life, or noise? Russian telescope detects ‘strong signal’ from sun-like star

HD164595b(Media Release) As David Bowie might have sung: is there life on HD164595b?

A Russian radio telescope scanning the skies has observed “a strong signal” from a nearby star, HD164595, in the constellation Hercules. The star is a scant 95 light years away and 99% of the size of Earth’s own sun. It has at least one planet, HD164595b, which is about the size of Neptune and has a 40-day year.

Seth Shostak of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (Seti) in Mountain View, California, told the Guardian he was shocked to have learned of the discovery only now – the readings from Russian radio telescope Ratan-600, Shostak said, were taken a year ago.

Seti, a private not-for-profit organization, searches the skies for alien life and has been underwritten by US government divisions as diverse as Nasa and the Department of Energy. Operated by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ratan-600’s primary area of focus is monitoring the sun, though it has contributed to Seti’s work.

The news came to international attention on Saturday through Claudio Maccone of the University of Turin in Italy, who attended a talk by the scientists who recorded the signal on 15 May 2015. Maccone passed data from the presentation to the science and science-fiction writer Paul Gilster, who maintains a blog about interstellar exploration calledCentauri Dreams.

“Could it be an ET?” asked Shostak rhetorically. “Of course, but [Ratan-600] didn’t have a receiver that has any spectral resolution.” The receiver on the Russian radio telescope is very wide, which aids it in its primary mission of monitoring solar activity but also means that, like a terrestrial radio receiving a news station, rock’n’roll station and country ( station at the same time, it is difficult to discern which band is broadcasting at which frequency. “They have a receiver that would swallow a big chunk of the radio dial at once,” Shostak said.

Because the receiver covers such a big sweep of the radio dial, it is hard to tell if the signal comes from intelligent life.

If it is being broadcast across a large chunk of the radio spectrum, the noise is probably coming from a quasar or another source of stellar “noise”; if it is over a narrower band but very strong, it is likelier to be the product of intelligence.

Gilster said he was curious about the possibility that the signal could be caused by “microlensing” – a quirk of gravity that occurs when massive objects like stars or quasars are aligned behind another heavenly body.

“My own thought is that this is very possibly a one-time signal, much like the famous WOW! signal some years back,” Gilster said. On 15 August 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman received a powerful radio signal from a group of stars called Chi Sagittarii; he circled the surprising spot on the readout and wrote “WOW!” The signal never returned.

“If it too doesn’t repeat,” said Gilster, “then we won’t know what it was, including the possibility of some kind of local signal whose source just hasn’t been figured out.”

Shostak said he wished he had been made aware of the signal earlier. “Why is it that we’re hearing about this now because one of the guys gave a talk in Moscow a year ago?” he asked. “Maccone’s explanation is that the Russians are ‘shy’. [But] it’s generally accepted procedure in the Seti community if you find a signal that you think is interesting, you call up people in another observatory and say: ‘Hey, here’s the position in the sky,’ and you see what happens.”

Gilster said his understanding was that the Russian team had spent the past year analyzing and confirming its data.

Shostak told the Guardian that Seti’s own radio telescope was scanning the coordinates in question in search of the promising signal as of Sunday night. That evening, though, everything was quiet.

The Russian radio telescope team and Maccone have been contacted for comment.

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Progress of Power and Automobile Industries Instrumental to Global Insulated Wire and Cable Market


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Market Research Hub (MRH) has announced the addition of a new
market study, titled “Global Insulated Wire and Cable Market to 2020
– Market Size, Growth, and Forecasts in Over 70 Countries,” to its
offering. The report serves as a repository of information and
analysis of the applications, types, technology developments, regional
segments, and the competitive landscape of the global market. It
provides qualitative as well as quantitative data to help companies in
this market make strategic decisions. The report offers a
comprehensive study of the global insulated wire and cable market at
global level and for over 70 distinct countries. (

Browse Full Report on Global Insulated Wire and Cable Market –

Insulated wires and cables are covered or lined with a material that
reduces or prevents the leakage, transfer, and passage of heat or
electricity. These wires are better protected against short circuits
and provide resistance to interference. They significantly cut down
the cost of transmission and therefore have been adopted on a large
scale in day-to-day applications in the industrial, household, and
commercial sectors.

In the first section, the authors of the report have provided a
detailed overview of the global insulated wires and cables market by
providing information about the applications, classifications,
definitions, and industry’s chain structure. The report discusses
the methodology used to carry out the research, along with the
assumptions and economic indicators. It also presents insights into
the growth of global insulated wires and cables market in terms of
revenue and volume.

The report offers insights into market dynamics such as drivers,
restraints, and opportunities. The growth of the global insulated
wires and cables market is largely influenced by the growth of the
power, automotive, telecommunication, and building and construction
industries. As insulated wires and cables form an indispensable part
of these industries, the significant growth of the latter, especially
in Asia Pacific countries, bodes well for the global insulated wires
and cables market. Furthermore, the market is estimated to grow
further with the emergence of new applications of insulated wires and

However, the growth of the market is slightly hampered by the slow
growth rate in Europe owing to the unstable macroeconomic conditions
in the region. Moreover, the use of PVC, which is the most widely used
material for jacketing and insulation in wires and cables, is
challenged by regulatory issues pertaining to its adverse
environmental impact.

The report analyzes the market’s size and key end users in over 70
countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France,
Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Korea,
Thailand, Spain, South Africa, the US, and the UK. The report gives
insights into different product groups and their growth forecasts. It
also highlights the most promising countries among the 70 countries

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The report also describes the competitive landscape of the global
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Moreover, there is an increase in acquisition and merger activities by
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Positive Business Outlook for Wealth Managers in UAE Driven by High Investment Demands: Ken Research


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August ‘2016, New Delhi

  • With expats forming almost 75.6% of total HNW population in the UAE, wealth managers have tremendous growth opportunity in the future.
  • However, the challenge for UAE wealth managers is to offer a holistic service proposition that can fulfill the needs of complex investment portfolios most expats in UAE have.

Ken Research has announced its latest publication on, ‘Wealth in the UAE: HNW Investors’, which offers a detailed analysis of UAE’s wealth management landscape. More precisely, the report profiles the average Emirati HNW investor along with analyzing the opportunities with respect to expats. The report also identifies which mandates and asset classes should wealth managers focus upon in order to fully capitalize on the expat opportunity.

In the past decade, UAE has become a hub for international trade with organizations from across the world establishing their offices there. In addition, UAE also attracts tremendous investment because of its position as the leader in the oil and gas industry. With a lot going on the investment front, UAE has become home for a large number ( of both High Net Worth (HNW) individuals and wealth and asset managers. In addition, to further make it easier for investors, the UAE government does not levy any corporate or personal income taxes at the emirate or federal level. Moreover, there is no exchange controls applied on the remittances of funds. On the political front as well, UAE is known to be highly stable and secure. Thus, UAE has earned tremendous reputation for being a safe investment haven for both locals and expats.

In UAE, private wealth investment is on a rise. Private wealth primarily includes deposits and cash, listed securities, money market funds, pension and life assets and other offshore and onshore assets. It does not include the investor’s own business, luxury good or real estate. As per some recent figures, private wealth in the UAE is expected to report a CAGR of 10.7% and reach almost USD 1 trillion by 2019. This is estimated on the basis that private wealth in UAE, driven by equities, grew by almost 8.4% in 2014. In addition, the ultra-High New Worth’s individual’s private wealth is expected to grow by 2.11% by the end of this decade.

Talking about the UAE investment landscape in terms of current trends, research has revealed that the Emirati HNWs either come from a service (earned income) or an entrepreneurial background. This means that there is increased demand for innovative investment solutions and the desire for gaining access to highly sophisticated investment products has also increased. Also, there is a general bent towards advisory mandates for discretionary or other types of asset management options. Overall, the HNW portfolio in UAE is well-balanced, with property and bonds accounting for the largest share of allocation followed by equities. However, the focus is expected to shift from properties towards equities in the coming five years. This is because, historic data reflects that, in the last three years the amount of private wealth held in equities grew by almost 13.8% as opposed to the 1.6% and 6.9% growth in bonds and other deposits respectively.

The Global Wealth Management Industry Trends

Wealth Management has been amongst one of the most appealing and growing sectors within the financial services industry. Over the past one year, the wealth management industry has grown steadily. However, with rising expansion has come significant challenges that are adding to the costs of doing the business. High Net Worth individuals across the globe are showing a change in attitude with a greater interest in alternative investment options that offer better profits at lower risks. Apart from this, the new regulatory framework, changing consumer preferences, digitization and very competitive landscape all add to the challenges for wealth managers.

Some of the important factors that the wealth managers will have to keep in mind include:

  • Be on a constant lookout for new opportunities
  • Rethinking and reviewing the firm’s value proposition
  • Aiming at transparency to retain clients
  • Going as digital as possible
  • Adjusting costs structure as per revenue realities

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Detailed profile of Emirati HNW clients and their attitudes
  • Critical success factors for wealth managers in the UAE
  • Market landscape of Emirati wealth management industry
  • Expat opportunities for wealth advisors in the UAE
  • Emirati HNW’s investment style preferences
  • Understanding the asset allocation trends among the Emirati HNW investors
  • Emirati HNWs product and service demand
  • The future outlook for Emirati HNW industry

To know more on coverage, click on the link below:

Related Reports:


Ken Research

Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications

[email protected]


Syria war: US warns over Turkish-Kurdish violence

russian action in syria(Media Release) The US says fighting between Turkey, pro-Turkish rebels and Kurdish-aligned forces in northern Syria is “unacceptable” and must stop.

Clashes in places where so-called Islamic State (IS) was not present were a “source of deep concern”, the US envoy to the anti-IS coalition tweeted.

Turkish forces have attacked what they say are Kurdish “terrorists” since crossing the border last week.

But the Kurdish YPG militia says Turkey just wants to occupy Syrian territory.

Ankara says it aims to push both IS and Kurdish fighters away from its border.

Turkish forces and allied factions of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) forced IS out of the Syrian border city of Jarablus ( on Tuesday and have since pounded neighbouring villages held by Kurdish-led, US-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF).

Turkey has insisted Kurdish militia, which it regards as terrorists, retreat east across the Euphrates river.

Map showing control of northern Syria

The Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG), which dominates the SDF, says its forces have withdrawn, and that the Turkish action against the group was a “pretext” for occupying Syria.

The US Pentagon spokesman renewed Washington’s call for the YPG to pull back over the river, which he said had “largely occurred”.

He warned that unco-ordinated operations “provide room for ISIL [IS] to find sanctuary and continue planning attacks against Turkey, the SDF, the United States, and our partners around the world”.

Turkish concern over Kurdish expansion increased after the SDF took control of the strategic Syrian city of Manbij two weeks ago.

Turkey has been fighting a Kurdish insurgency in its south-east for decades and fears Kurdish gains in northern Syria will fuel Kurdish separatism at home.

On Sunday, tens of people were killed in Turkish air strikes on Kurdish-held areas near Jarablus.

A monitoring group said at least 35 civilians and four militants had been killed, while the Turkish military said 25 people, all Kurdish militants, died.

Analysis: Guney Yildiz, BBC News

Turkey’s coming into conflict with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) or their Arab allies complicates its military campaign.

Ankara wants to force the Kurds to withdraw to the east of the Euphrates River, stopping short of establishing a corridor to link two Kurdish-led areas in north-western Syria.

Turkey enjoys tacit support from Russia, the Assad government and Iran in acting to prevent further territorial gains by the Kurds and their allies. The US, on the other side, has said it will try to prevent Turkey coming into conflict with its allies in the region.

A possible Turkish campaign against the Kurds in Syria could also risk igniting further clashes with the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) militants inside Turkey. The PKK recently upped its attacks significantly in correlation with the Turkish operation inside Syria.

US anti-IS coalition envoy Brett McGurk tweeted from a Defense Department briefing, saying the US “was not involved in these activities, they were not coordinated with US forces and we do not support them.

“Accordingly, we call on all armed actors to stand down and take appropriate measures to deconflict and open channels of communication.”

Turkey is a US Nato ally and member of the anti-IS coalition, but the US support for the YPG has put it at odds with Washington.

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JIM ROGERS: ‘If we all bought North Korean currency, we’d all be rich someday’

North Korea(Media Release) Jim Rogers is nothing if not a contrarian, and one of his boldest moves is trying to bet on North Korea.

The famous investor, who cofounded legendary hedge fund Quantum with George Soros, spoke to Real Vision TV, and said North Korea is where China was in 1981.

“If we all bought North Korean currency, we’d all be rich someday,” Rogers said.

In short, Rogers is seeing the controversial country open up, which he says makes it a good bet.

Here’s the relevant excerpt from the Q&A explaining why:

“Well, North Korea today is where China was in 1981. Deng Xiaoping started opening up in ’78. Most of us, including me, either weren’t aware of it or if we were aware of it, we ignored it, didn’t pay any attention. North Korea is doing that now.

He added:

“There are 15 free trade zones there now. You can take bicycle tours of North Korea, if you want. You can take movie ( tours. I’m sure if [Kim Jong-Un’s] father were alive, he’d hang him. If his grandfather were alive, he’d torture him and then hang him, you know, for some of the things he’s doing. I mean, you go to North Korea now, you see these astonishing restaurants with white tablecloths, cutlery, candles. I mean, this is North Korea we’re talking about. Chefs. It’s happening.”

Rogers noted that Chinese and Russian investors are pouring in to the country and said that he almost became an investor in a Chinese group that had a bank in North Korea. He added that his lawyer told him he couldn’t invest.

He said:

“They’re going to be the richest people in China, because they’re starting banks, and everything else in North Korea, and you and I just sit and look and say, ‘Buy me a Champagne someday.’

Rogers is a pretty colourful guy and is known for his bets. He also has investments in Zimbabwe and has been looking at investing in Kazakhstan and Rwanda. That said, he isn’t the only one looking at North Korea.

North Korea has been pushing to attract foreign investment, even posting videos on its “unique economic zones” on YouTube. And earlier this year, The New York Times published a profile on James Passin, a hedge fund manager at Firebird Management, who is trying to bet on the country.

Still, there is growing tension between the Hermit Kingdom and the rest of the world. The country has been launching ballistic missiles, with Kim Jong-Un reportedly hosting a party to celebrate the most recent test.

That is making life harder for those who are invested in the country. Earlier this month,Reuters reported that the onlylaw firm in North Korea set up by a foreigner, Hay, Kalb & Associates, will suspend operations.

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