How You Can Comfort a Loved One with Cancer

(Media Release) Each of us knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer. It may be a parent, a sibling or other relative, a spouse, partner or friend. No matter who it is, we share the common experience of a natural desire to help and bring comfort, to alleviate suffering in that person we care about.

Many of us, however, don’t quite know what we can do to help. A diagnosis of cancer can be scary and may seem complicated, perhaps overwhelming. Many family members or friends feel a sense of helplessness, which can be a stress in itself.

Now  ( there is evidence that each of us has in our own hands the ability to reduce suffering in a loved one with cancer. A new study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute evaluated an instructional DVD program that teaches family members and friends how to use simple forms of touch and massage to reduce symptoms and side effects of treatment. What is remarkable about this study is that it shows that regular people with no formal training can achieve some of the same benefits that patients receive from professional oncology massage therapists.

Caregivers using the techniques achieved significant reductions in stress/anxiety, pain, fatigue, depression, nausea, and an assortment of miscellaneous symptoms.

What can you do to bring these benefits to a loved one with cancer?

Permission. First ask if they would like to receive some touch to help them relax. You don’t want to give unwelcome touch just because they don’t want to offend you! You can offer one of the simple techniques listed below. Don’t impose, however. If they don’t want touch right now, let them know this is fine, and they could let you know later.

Presence. The very first requirement for using touch in a comforting way is simple presence. This means being in a state of calm and peace yourself, so you can be fully present and attentive to the recipient. Take a few moments to “center” yourself, perhaps through a simple prayer, meditation on your breath, or anything that helps you calm your mind to be fully present for this person.

Attitude. Have an attitude of loving kindness. Your state of mind and attitude are transmitted through your hands, so your recipient will sense this through your touch.

Communication. Talk with the recipient about what feels good, what they like and don’t like, and how much pressure to use or not use. Make sure they are not just deferring to you because they appreciate the attention—insist on honest feedback about what kind of touch is best.

Positioning. Pay attention to positioning for both yourself and the recipient. If either of you is in an awkward or uncomfortable position (like standing and leaning or reaching awkwardly), both of you will be uncomfortable. Touch can be effective when sitting or lying down. For example, a recipient can sit at the kitchen table with cushions or pillows in front to lean forward on over the table. This makes it easy to reach their back and shoulders, neck or head. For lying down, either a sofa or bed can be comfortable places to use touch.

Simple techniques for comfort and relaxation. You don’t have to be a massage therapist to provide real comfort! The main benefits are comfort and relaxation, and those can be achieved with the simplest forms of contact. Hand and foot massage can relax the whole body. Light and slow massage of the back, neck, shoulders, head and face can also produce great relaxation. Light and gentle touch are enough, there is no need for strong pressure or fancy skills.

Safety precautions. Avoid areas of the body with medical devices (e.g., chemo ports), tumors, recent surgeries, or radiation. Avoid areas at risk of lymphedema, such as an arm if lymph nodes have been removed. Avoid the legs, since some drugs cause a risk of clotting in the legs. Remember, the only goal is comfort and relaxation, and just the simplest forms of contact can achieve this.

Many people are concerned about the use of touch in cancer possibly causing complications. When caregivers are concerned about this, patients may receive little or no touch when they could benefit from it the most. The reality is that there is no evidence of touch or massage spreading cancer or making it worse. There is a safe way to provide comfort through touch for anyone, no matter what their medical condition.

You have in your heart and hands the ability to reduce suffering in a loved one with cancer. Give them the gift of touch, and both of you will be rewarded. To see video trailers of the DVD program used in the study, visit The program and trailers are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese language versions.

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Gentle Touch Produces Miracles

(Media Release) For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from back pain. Although I have experienced some relief using heat, cold, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture, invariably the pain has always returned. Until one day I visited a friend who had similar back problems. She told me she had some body work done called Bowen. Her back and hip pain were gone after just one session!

I was definitely intrigued. I couldn’t wait to find out more. When I arrived back home I got on the internet and learned that the Bowen Technique was developed in Australia in the 1950’s by Thomas Bowen, a gifted healer who devised a simple but powerful method for releasing pain. He estimated his success rate to be about 88%!

Hoping  ( to find a Bowen practitioner near me, I emailed close to 40 practitioners around the U.S. and asked if they could refer me to someone. After 39 “no’,s” I got one “yes!” I arranged to have three Bowen sessions.

My Bowen Session
The session lasted about 45 minutes. Most of the work was done through my clothing. No oils were used. During the session the practitioner used thumbs and fingers to make rolling type moves on different muscles of my body. In between sets of moves, she left the room for about two to three minutes.

What I Experienced
During the next few days I started feeling pains in other parts of my body besides my back. My neck and knee felt very sore. During the rest of the week I felt as if my body was like a videotape, rewinding itself backwards to the times I had injured myself in the past. I was told that my muscles still “remembered” my old injuries, and they were now starting to let go of them.

What I Did To Help Myself
My practitioner advised me not to sit for more than thirty minutes at a time on the day of the session. Each day I took a 15-20 minute walk and drank lots of water. I increased my intake of fruits and vegetables and avoided using extreme heat or cold. I also agreed not to have any other bodywork during the week following my sessions so the healing work would not be “interrupted.”

My Results
After three sessions, spaced one week apart, every pain in my body left. After 25 years of suffering, my back pain and sciatica were gone – and have never returned!

I got so excited I decided to train to become a Bowen practitioner.

My Family’s Experiences
My eighty year old mother suffers from severe arthritis. After just one Bowen session, she slept through the entire night for the first time in six years. The next morning she was able to walk without her walker.

Ever the skeptic, my sister-in-law reluctantly agreed to try it. As she lay there during the session she thought, “This is crap!” By the end of the week, her hip pain was nearly gone.

How Bowen Works
Several of the Bowen moves are located along acupuncture meridians or on specific acupuncture points which are known to stimulate and balance the body’s energy. The gentle yet powerful moves send neurological impulses to the brain resulting in immediate responses of muscle relaxation and pain reduction. The main difference between Bowen and other modalities is how fast it works, how gentle it feels and how long the pain relief lasts. Anyone can learn it: there is only one basic move.

For me, the miracle lies in the fact that doing so little produces such long-lasting relief.

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It’s Mind Over Matter

(Media Release) Getting, and keeping yourself motivated for your fitness lifestyle is a wrestling match every enthusiast experiences at some time or another. Don’t think about throwing in your towel; there are plenty of proven solutions, and they’re closer than you think!

As a fitness consultant I do more than just instructing exercise sessions. I also integrate a variety of mind-conditioning tools which inspire, educate, and motivate each of my students. These instruments train the MIND so the students can then train their bodies. However, in today’s fast-paced cosmetic-driven society there are too many fitness enthusiasts who approach their transformational quests without the right frame of mind, and this leads to failure.

To many of you it is no surprise that there really is a mind-body connection. So when I say solutions are closer than you think, I mean the answers are located between your ears; so listen carefully.

When the mind is conditioned (possessing the motivational power and knowledge that enables one to enthusiastically, and confidently, approach their exercise and eating programs) the body, over time, responds by manifesting its genetic potential; I refer to this as a re-engineering process.

By becoming your own body engineer you literally re-engineer yourself from the inside out. So get yourself enthused because what I’m about to show you WORKS! And let’s begin completing the following  ( exercise step by step:

STEP 1: The first thing you MUST do is understand that it’s imperative that you train your brain so you can train your body. A weak mind will equal a weak body, but a strong mind will build a healthy, lean, and vibrant body. Once you understand this first principle you are well on your way to re-engineering the way you look and feel, forever!

STEP 2: Everyday–and I literally mean EVERY day–you must write out your goals onto a piece of paper, such as “I want to lose four inches off my waist.” If you have several goals, you must commit ALL of them to paper on a daily basis. Something biologically magical happens when the brain can generate a thought and have it record onto paper.

STEP 3: Everyday, after you write your goals down, you MUST read them out loud.Again, there’s a phenomenon that occurs when you profess what you’re wanting. Simply hoping to achieve a goal has no stimulating power. Stand up, assume the role of your own coach, and say aloud with conviction, “I am exercising to lose all this fat off my gut, and you know what, I’m making progress every day!”

STEP 4: How WILLING are you? Write out two lists; (1) itemize all of the things you need “to do” to obtain your goals, and (2) list all of the things you must “avoid.” For example, “I need to take advantage of my health club membership,” “I need to walk every morning,” “need to cut out sugar.”

STEP 5: Make a date with yourself: Treat yourself every week to one meal of your choice. Follow your fitness program as strictly as you can all week, then, let’s say, on Saturday night, eat anything you want.

STEP 6: Seek wise advice from a personal trainer or other health/fitness authority who can assess your current status and guide you throughout your re-engineering process. If you cannot locate one, call the local health club for referrals.

STEP 7: Don’t get discouraged. Everybody, even the pros, slip off track at times. As long as you become steadfast, always getting yourself back on track after being derailed, pat yourself on the back, lift your chin, and re-GO For IT all over again.

Remember that investing in your own health and fitness is investing in yourself, and pays huge dividends down the road. Put it in your head first, then watch your body mold into the image of your thoughts. I’m eager to learn of your progress!

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Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee marks 60 years of a commitment to faith, pluralism and improved quality of life

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Tomorrow, on 11 July 2017, His Highness the Aga Khan will mark his
Diamond Jubilee, or 60th year as the 49th hereditary Imam (spiritual
leader) of the world’s Shia Ismaili Muslims. This worldwide
celebration brings together the global Ismaili community, partners of
the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), and government and faith
community leaders in over 25 countries. 11 July begins a year of
milestone announcements by the Aga Khan for a global commitment to
partnerships based on the principles of ethics in action, peace and
pluralism. (

Over the past six decades, the Aga Khan has transformed the quality of
life for millions of people around the world. In the areas of health,
education, cultural revitalisation, and economic empowerment, he has
worked to inspire excellence and improve living conditions and
opportunities including in some of the world’s most remote and
troubled regions.

In Islam’s ethical tradition, religious leaders not only interpret
the faith but also have a responsibility to help improve the quality
of life of their community and the societies among which they live.
For the Aga Khan, this has meant dedicating his life to addressing the
concerns of the developing world.

The Aga Khan and the Shia Ismaili Muslim Community

The Aga Khan is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be
upon him and his family) through his cousin and son-in-law Ali, the
first Imam, and his wife Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter. He
succeeded his grandfather, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan as the
Imam of the Shia Ismaili Muslims sixty years ago, at the age of 20.

Today, His Highness the Aga Khan leads a global community of some 15
million Shia Ismaili Muslims, living predominantly in South Asia,
Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and the
Far East. Like the Muslim world as a whole, the Ismaili community
represents a rich diversity of cultures, languages, and nationalities.
His role as Imam includes the interpretation of the faith for his
community and responsibility for religious institutions and his
followers worldwide.

The Aga Khan and the AKDN

Driven by the ethics of his faith and the Imam’s hereditary
responsibility to improve the quality of life for his community and
for those amongst whom they live, the Aga Khan has been at the
forefront of innovation in development during his 60 years as Imam. He
is Founder and Chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN),
one of the most comprehensive development networks in the world today.
The AKDN operates in over 30 countries principally in Central and
South Asia, Eastern and Western Africa and the Middle East. Its
activities contribute to the employment of over 80,000 staff, making
one of the largest development organisations in the world.

The Aga Khan believes diversity should inspire, not divide, and that
enhancing pluralism is a crucial building block for constructing
peaceful and successful societies. In 2006, the Aga Khan and the
Canadian government established the Global Centre for Pluralism in
Ottawa to conduct research and advance knowledge about the values that
underpin inclusive pluralistic societies.

There will be a private event for the Aga Khan and leaders of the
Ismaili Community on 11 July marking this historic occasion; global
ceremonies coinciding with this event will be hosted by the Ismaili
community. While the private nature of the event precludes it from
general public broadcast, a press release, a video news release, and
select photos of the event will be made available to the media on the

For Press Enquiries please contact:

Semin Abdulla
Communications Manager
Aga Khan Development Network
Aiglemont, 60270 Gouvieux, France
+33 3 44 58 40 00
[email protected]

For more information about His Highness the Aga Khan’s Diamond
Jubilee please visit:

For more information about the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)
please visit:

For more information about the Ismaili Community please visit:

More and More People are Benefitting with Online Food Delivery Service

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Data Science Training Hyderabad

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Though the concept of information scientific research is an old one,
information scientist is turning up to be a rewarding occupation
option. The scientists are creating new tools that are helping to
translate numerous streams of details right into brand-new and
cutting-edge items. Additionally, social and mobile trends with
spreading of sensing units have actually produced the demand for new
kinds of data causing the growth of information researcher.

Significant social media networks rely on data science that will
produce interactive as well as innovative functions encouraging users
to join the channel and also sustain the curiosity and inspiration.
Information scientific research extracts information from various
fields such as stats, maths, computer technology and also other basics
of scientific research. ( 

Picking the DATA SCIENTIST course in hyderabad will help you
understand the significance of tracts as well as procedures that will
assist you to remove the knowledge and also idea of data in both
organized and also disorganized kind. You will certainly have the
analytical capacity to use your information to translate the sources
as well as efficiently manage large quantity of data, irrespective of
bandwidth, software and equipment restraints. You will certainly
discover how to merge the information sources by conquering the
barriers and communicate with data ideas and searchings for. This
rapid and also incorporated process helps an information researcher
offer with remedies of a complicated system within days rather than
weeks or months.

Standing for a development of business to information analytics is
played by a data scientist as well as the previous training supplied
in significant DATA SCIENTIST course in hyderabad is fairly much like
the knowing training courses that the candidates discover in topics
like computer science applications, stats, modeling with analytics as
well as mathematics. The fact that sets a data scientist apart from
others is the solid business insightassociated with communication
abilities that will make the IT leaders recognize exactly how the
company approaches a company obstacle. By seeking the courses, you
will not just be able to determine the problems yet will certainly get
the one that has worth to the firm.

The courses are developed as per the norms as well as most current
modifications that have actually occurred in the market. You will
certainly be a successful information researcher well that will open
up new possibilities for you and also your group as well. A task has
several components that are looked after by specialized staff members.
But the duty of an information scientist is such that it needs to have
abilities in all associated area of the project, hence forming the
basis for it. A typical data expert could consider the data from a
single resource, however in the case of a data scientist, it will
discover as well as examine the information from several not
associated resources.

The training sessions under the assistance of the specialists will
establish instinctive insights that are going to aid an expert carry
out various operations in the given area of the company. You will
comprehend the best ways to make use of the computer systems to create
data mining solutions. This is not all, as extracting the appropriate
information and also data and recognizing the importance of each is
quite an important job framework of a data researcher that you will
pick up from the training courses.

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Al Habtoor Motors launched the all-new range of Thunderbolt trucks at a special launch event to kick off Habtoor’s 1st anniversary celebrations.  More than 150 truck operators attended to learn about the new heavy duty FUSO Thunderbolt, which has a GCW of up to 100 tons and 438 hp.  The event was followed by a lavish Iftar dinner for the guests. Al Habtoor plans to host Kingdom wide promotional events to celebrate the Launch of FUSO Heavy Duty Truck in Saudi Arabia.

Thunderbolt is one of a new generation of trucks designed to reduce truck operating costs through low running costs, low fuel consumption and quick and efficient maintenance.  It is backed by a 3 year, 450,00km warranty for total peace of mind and, given its heritage, will have the strongest residual values in the market.  It comes with 4×2, 6×4 and 8×4 wheel plans with Tractor Head or Rigid chassis.

“We believe that Thunderbolt is perfectly suited for the Saudi heavy duty truck market. We have a number of demonstrators which will be loaned to large fleet customers in KSA for testing against their existing fleet.  This will demonstrate the cost savings in a real world environment.  Of course, Thunderbolt ( comes with Al Habtoor’s well known commitment to international standards of customer care, competitive pricing and technical body applications support” states Country Head, Simon Monahan.

He also said, “We only sell trucks in Saudi Arabia, so we are determined to demonstrate the highest possible truck industry standards.  We have two sites fully operational in Riyadh; we open in Khobar on 1st July and in Jeddah on 1st September so we are already covering the 3 largest cities in KSA.  In addition, we support fleets through Habtoor Technical Support 247 which is a fleet of mobile maintenance vehicles to cover the rest of the Kingdom and which is available to any FUSO fleet, even if the vehicles are not purchased from us.

Al Habtoor’s continual upgrading of existing service and repair services reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering maximum up time and more profit for its customers. Al Habtoor Motors promises a one stop solution for all truck operators, including body fabrication, routine maintenance and truck accident repair giving the lowest possible vehicle operating costs across the Kingdom.

Contact: Aizaz Haq

AL Habtoor Motors

Ph.: (00966) 510-8000   ext. 1228
Cell: 055 261-0161

Hai Al-Nasim Al Sharki,

Khurais Road, PO Box 45807,

Riyadh 11522.

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