At least four killed after police attack demonstrators in Bahrain


Four ( demonstrators have lost their lives, when the police without warning started shooting indiscriminately at the demonstrators in the night.

The fighting continues around the capital Manama, Bahrain, after police in the night, attacks sleeping demonstrators with tear gas and plastic bullets.

The demonstrators in the Perle square in Bahrain, capital was awakened at 3: 15 in the night of shots being fired. Without warning the police opened fire on the demonstrators, who were and sleep in tents in the square.

In addition to the four dead there is at least 50 protesters wounded, according to the parliamentarian Ibrahim Mattar, and many are brought to the Salmaniya hospital.

One of the protesters Abdul Elah, tells of a scratchy telephone connection to the TV station Al Jazeera, he sat on the square in the night, when the police attacked. 

We sat peacefully around on the square. Most of us slept, and there were older men, young men, children, woman, kids, all sat down. Suddenly the police encircled us from all sides, several hundred of them. And they began to bombard us, with tear gas and rubber bullets, says Abdul Elah to Al Jazeera. 

The wounded cannot get an ambulance 

Police block ambulance access to the square. 

People lie on the ground. More than 1000 are injured in Perle square. The police is not allowing ambulances in to help them, this is from a twitter-update from a bahrainer. 

Anger at the hospital
A female demonstrator outside the Salamaniya hospital in Manama by name of Zaenab, provides via mobile phone a report to Al Jazeera: 

Police have surrounded the hospital, and they might want to attack us, we have also seen tanks outside the hospital. But people here are very angry, they say: We do not care, let them come, let them kill us all, we do not care, says Zaenab. 

She also reports that she has been in the hospital, she has seen at least 7-8 persons arrive in ambulances and be brought into the hospital. At least one of them was a woman, and at least one child has been brought to the ER. 

The police and the military takes control
The police have taken over control of the square, and they have set up steel   barricades around the Perle square in the Centre of the capital. 

The Ministry of Interior has issued a message to the protest leaders, the demonstrations and sleeping in the square,is illegal. 

According to observers there are tanks and armored personnel carriers in some areas of the city, the first sign that the military is now involved in the conflict. 

Armed police wandering around the neighbourhoods, apparently to stop people attempt to assemble for a demonstration, and the police have also set up checkpoints along the main roads. 

Surprising brutality
Because the protests in Bahrain so far has been peaceful, the sudden brutality of the police comes as a surprise. 

There was an atmosphere of quiet calm throughout Wednesday, but suddenly hundreds of battle-ready riot police showed up with tear gas. It came completely out of the blue, says journalist Nic Robertson from CNN. 

With the two killed last night, the number of deaths are at four, and the unrest in Bahrain continues. 

The demonstrators have for the last three days protesting against Prime Minister Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa. 

In the beginning the demonstrators wanted to achieve constitutional change. But as the number of protesters have grown in the last few days, the chants has changed to Down with Khalifa! Khalifa family has been in power in Bahrain for two decades.

The protests in Bahrain began three days ago, and is the last in a series of uprisings in several countries in the Middle East. Last Friday the Egyptian President had to leave office after weeks of popular demonstrations.

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