Mexican Intelligence Chief shot and killed


The (Free-Pr-Online,com) intelligence chief in Northern Mexico was gunned down by drug dealers, killing him with five gun shots. The senior Chief of intelligence in Mexico lost his live, when he was shot and killed in the State of Nuevo Leon in the North-East of the country.

Homero Salcido was on his way in his car to the city of Monterrey, when he was stopped by armed men. They killed him with five shots and then set fire to his vehicle, confirms governmental officials.

The Mexican Government created a task force in 2006 of just under 50,000 soldiers to combat drug-related crime, and at last count at least 34600 persons have been killed in the country of drug related crimes.

Despite the large number of death the Government spokesman Alejandro Poire says that, the trend is going in the right direction. Half of the drug related deaths are concentrated in just three of the country’s 32 States. Chihuahua, Sinaloa and Tamaulipas.

“We can stop the violence. We have done it in other parts of the country, and we can do it with our overall strategy to combat crime and violence ‘.

In addition to the killing of Homero Salcido at least 18 persons were found dead near Monterrey on Monday.

 11 prisoners killed in a Mexican jail break.

Controversial prisons in Mexico are again shaken by violent riots.
11 prisoners lost their lives, since Tuesday when a riot broke out in a prison in the city of Gomez Palacio in Northern Mexico.

” There was a riot inside the prison, and 11 men were killed, says Deputy Prosecutor Alejandro Moreno in the State of Durango, who does not know why the riots broke out, or how many prisoners were wounded “.

Mexican prisons are infamous to be overcrowded, and that there is often fatal killings and mass escapes.

Was accused of massacre
The prison, where the riots broke out yesterday, was last July the Centre of a scandal, when the detainees were accused of revenge murder, in regards to the drug war in the country.

Dozens of prisoners were protesting, after authorities accused them of having committed 35 killing with  weapons taken from the guards.

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  1. FreePrOnline says:

    The intelligence chief in Northern Mexico was gunned down by drug dealers, killing him with five gun shots.

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