Few gadgets are expected with so much excitement as the ipad 2.


Few(Free-Pr-Online.com)gadgets are expected with so much excitement, as the next generation of Apple’s iPad. And this is because  it is an Apple product, with all the problems, which normally comes with an Apple product launch.

The Apple’s tablet computer was the first of its kind, that people in large numbers, have been willing to pay money for. In addition the App-store and music store where the first to be wildly successful. Apple has also opened an e-bookseller directly for the iPad and the iPhone, but this is not nearly as high profile as the App store.

Regardless Apple is so far leading the  trend in computer gadgets, however Goggles Android is expected to explode this year in sales, according to a consumer watchdog. Google, which is not making hardware, has announced a special tablet computer Edition of Android, version 3.0, and hardware manufacturers have indiscriminately launched Android-based products, which have long since overtaken the iPad on specifications, but not on sale.

At the same time, HP has started to  make a move with their sweeping great WebOS system, that came with the purchase of Palm, and Blackberry has also announced an extremely successful tablet computer, Play Book.

That is why it is interesting to all the gadget heads out there to See what Apple will come up with tomorrow evening, when they will present their new ipad.

Here is an overview of the expectations.

Two cameras

Ipad has no camera, and can therefore not use Apple’s video chat feature, Facetime. Unlike virtually all other smartphones, the iPhone does not handle video conversations over a 3 g connection, but requires that the user have an iPhone and is on a wireless network. This means in turn that the technology does not apply. And that is why it is in Apple’s interest that Apple-users can use Facetime.
Virtually all iPad-competitors have cameras fitted. Some even have a very fine quality.

Better hardware

The changes are expected to be broad, the iPad 2 will most likely be fitted with a better display than the first generation had. It is expected, that there is a slight modification on the design. iPad 2 is expected to be thinner and perhaps even a little easier to navigate than its predecessor.

LTE? (Long Term Evolution) is the latest standard in the mobile network technology tree that produced the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA network technologies

While telecommunications companies are busy putting 3 g technology in a LTE under the name of 4g, it is in reality just a question of LTE, which is an upgrade of the 3g network. Nevertheless it offers LTE in upgrades of 3 g networks, which means faster speeds. It is conceivable that the iPad will have the opportunity to use LTE but 4g is unlikly to be affected.

New software in comparison with the breakneck pace of Android-development, is Apple’s iOS it has not had an substantial upgrate in ages, and an overhaul is long over due.
The usual stream of leaked images from Chinese factories and other rumours, this time it is suggested that Apple’s iPad may come in white. The white color, however, has caused problems for the iPhone 4-but perhaps they will have been resolved before  iPad 2 comes on the market.

Service MobileMe was recently discontinued but Apple has indicated that it is not dead. In addition, the company declared that they are in the process of building a huge data center to host MobileMe and iTunes-related services in the future.

So it is very conceivable that something is on the way here. The trend is, more and more services move into the cloud, as it is called, when they are delivered via the network rather than to be locally on your computer.

And finally: SD card

It is strange that the SD card is not supported in Apple’s other devices. On the other hand, we can put an SD card in virtually everything else that can run on a battery-so here is an area where Apple is really lagging. There have been rumors of a SD card in the upcoming iPad but so far it has not been confirmed

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    Few gadgets are expected with so much excitement as the ipad 2.
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    Few gadgets are expected with so much excitement as the ipad 2.
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