The new ipad 2 has many changes and improvements


Steve Jobs ( introduced Apple’s new iPad on Wednesday evening. Otherwise, there has been persistent rumours that he was near death from cancer. iPad 2 is completely redesigned and white.

Apple boss Steve Jobs presented Wednesday evening Apple’s next generation iPad to a large-scale press event in California. Who has otherwise been reported near death from cancer, and there have been photos circulate of him on the net, where he looked quite sick and thin ,visiting a cancer center. However, it has been unclear whether it was in fact Steve Jobs in the pictures.

The next version of Apple’s iPad is completely redesigned and is now available in white. It has cameras both in front and in back, the ipad also has rounded edges like an iPod Touch. On the other hand, it has become 33 percent thinner than its predecessor.

It now has only 8.8 mm in depth. In addition, it has been fitted with a gyroscope as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition, Apple’s iPad 2 uses the new A5 processor, it is more powerfull than its predecessor.

It was expected that the screen would be improved with higher pixel density and, thus, sharper image, but it does not seem to be the case.

It seems that the prices is the same as they were on the first device, the cheapest iPad stands at 499 dollars

In addition to the news about the iPad 2, it is also a pretty good news for Apple’s investors that Jobs is still able to stand on his legs. The pictures, which has been circulated on the internet, has shown a man on the edge of death, but Jobs doesn’t look very sick at all.

To judge from the images from Apple’s press event. He is, however, still thin as a result of the disease, he was diagnosed with a serious liver problem last year, and ended up having a liver transplant.

At the time of this writing the financial markets have already reacted to the news about Jobs and the ipad 2 and sent Apple stock up with a percentage point.

From the stage Jobs was reporting on the sale of the iPad, 15 million units have been sold all over the world. The iPhone has sold 100 million. There are, according to Jobs, now 65,000 apps specifically designed for the iPad.

During the press conference, Apple also presented the next generation of the software that operates the company’s iPad and iPhones. Here, users of the iPhone 4- can look forward to finally use their phone at hot-spot, and thus share the phone’s 3 g connection between multiple devices.

Steve Jobs also used this opportunity to speak about the competition, which consists primarily of producers who are basing their tablet computers on Google’s Android system:

“It is  Apple’s philosophy that technology by itself is not enough. It is technology that is married to art and the humanities. Nowhere is this more true than in the post-PC products. Our competitors in this market, look as if it is the next PC market. It is not the right approach. These post-PC units should be easier to use than an PC, more intuitive, “said Jobs.

The show ended without the expected Apple announced on the new so-called cloud-services. Apple has recently partially reactivated its MobileMe suite, reminiscent of Google’s browser-based services. At the same time, Apple spend billions, in upgrading a data-center to drive just MobileMe and iTunes-products-services.

It has been obvious that Apple was coming out with an iTunes streaming service as it is known from Spotify, Grooveshark and many others, but the announcement and or introduction of them did, not come this evening.

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    The new ipad 2 has many changes and improvements

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