Free Webinar Aims to Teach People How to Overcome Fear and Achieve Success


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The Center for Education and Healing is hosting a free “Overcoming

Fear” webinar facilitated by popular author and spiritual coach Teri
Pickens, DD. The online workshop will be held January 9 at 8 p.m.

Ridgewood, NJ (USA), December 22, 2012 — The Center for Education and
Healing (CE&H) ( ) is
holding a free online workshop January 9 at 8 p.m. E.S.T to teach
people how to comprehend and cope with fears.

Entitled “Overcoming Fear,” the information-packed webinar will
discuss the two steps to conquering fear and show participants how to
rid themselves of fear-conditioning (learned fear). The in-depth
discussion will benefit people who are tired of letting fear hold them
back from succeeding in their professional or personal life, according
to Teri Pickens, DD, the founder of CE&H. The workshop will also help
participants recognize the broad impact that fear has on the world
around them.

“It will help them to understand why a young man in Newtown, Conn.
massacred 20 children and six adults by helping them to understand the
dangers of their own primal fear gone awry,” Pickens said. “We are
the only company that can answer why things happen in the bigger
society, why people seek to fix themselves and why fear dominates the
world.” (

Interestingly, CE&H ( )
was founded by Pickens following a supernatural epiphany she had about
primal fear and its evil, self-destructive nature. At the time,
Pickens—who was working as a mental health counselor—was suffering
from depression, mood swings and addictions. Then she received a
divine revelation about the negative effects of fear and, through the
grace of God, was able to spiritually transform her life. Now she is
dedicated to sharing that revelation in an effort to prevent fear from
wreaking havoc on people’s lives. Today, Pickens is a popular
speaker, spiritual coach and pastor, as well as the author of “The
Fear Cure in Four Miraculous Steps.” Her insightful book—which
focuses on overcoming anxiety attack symptoms—coaching services and
ongoing workshops are helping to heal and transform numerous lives.

For more information about CE&H or to register for the “Overcoming
Fear” workshop, please visit Or call Teri Pickens at

(201) 739-8759 for more information.

About CE&H:
CE&H was established in 2009 by Teri Pickens, DD, the author of “The
Fear Cure in Four Miraculous Steps.” The company’s mission is to
inspire a culture of faith and hope and an environment of spiritual
awareness throughout the world. CE&H specializes in helping people
overcome addictions, particularly alcohol addiction. With alcohol
addiction, the company strives to provide a “cure” instead of
“prevention,” so people can continue to drink moderately if they so
choose. It also offers individual spiritual coaching, spiritual
wellness workshops and assistance to businesses in the care and
treatment of people with addictions and other symptoms of spiritual
bankruptcy. CE&H is based in Ridgewood, N.J.

Press & Media Contact:
Teri Pickens, author/founder
POB 1345
Ridgewood, NJ 07451 – USA

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