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Impowersoft has been reviewed and featured by technology database
CrunchBase, where interested parties can visit to read about
technology companies. CrunchBase highlights the features of Aspire,
Impowersoft’s comprehensive insurance agency management system in its
review, as well as provides information on several of Impowersoft’s
officers, including Safeer Hassan, Hyder Naqvi, and Roveen Abante.

CrunchBase has provided some helpful information for potential
customers about Impowersoft and its flagship insurance agency
management software. The article highlights may of the features
included in the insurance agency management software, including how
the comprehensive insurance CRM software is considered an all-in-one
insurance agency management system. Some of the features highlighted
include simple contact, policy, sales, and marketing handling, its
intuitive web-based design, and simple integration into social media,
SMS/text messaging, and other web applications designed to improve not
only the experience for insurance agents and insurance agencies, but
also customers. (

Also included in the CrunchBase review of Impowersoft and the Aspire
insurance agency management system is the enhanced marketing module
that includes surveys, newsletters, and drip marketing resources to
help improve how insurance agencies market their products and interact
with customers and potential customers.

Also included in the review is brief highlight of Impowersoft officers
Safeer Hassan, Hyder Naqvi, and Roveen Abante. Safeer Hassan is
President and CEO of Impowersoft, and one of the key backers of the
Aspire insurance agency management system. Hyder Naqvi is the COO of
Impowersoft and one of the technical minds behind much of the
inner-workings of Aspire as well as the actual insurance side of the
Aspire insurance agency management software. Roveen Abante is the CMO
of Impowersoft and has helped make the marketing module in Aspire more

For more information, visit the Impowersoft website: or the Aspire website

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