It’s Your Wedding, There Should be Fireworks!


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Well, maybe not in the traditional sense, but poppers and sparklers
can take you there in seconds! These party additions can really add
the spark and pop to your wedding event. Put a fresh spin on any
wedding with these new unique offerings.(

A Sparkly Idea

Wedding Sparklers photograph well and look classy at an upscale event.
If you are having an evening event, these would be great for the patio
or timed celebration or toast. Remember to bring along lighters or
themed matchbooks as a complement to sparklers. Wedding Sparklers will
add a sweet memory to your occasion. These are also a great pairing to
a crème brulee dessert or in sync with the lucky couple sending off
flying Chinese lanterns. Anything with fire that will bring a sweet
glow to your night can be paired up to make your sparklers that much
more memorable.

One of the things to note is to be careful. Sparklers are far safer
today than they were 20 years ago, but be wary around your fancy
attire, and children should always be supervised. Having a set time
for the sparklers to come out all at once is a great idea to avoid any
random party mistakes. Earlier in the evening if there will be
champagne flowing is always a good idea.

How to Make Any Wedding Pop

Confetti Poppers make a great, unique table gift, or to hand out at
the end of a wedding. Instead of rice, birdseed or bubbles, confetti
poppers will bring you celebration to a new level! Confetti Poppers
are a fun lively way to celebrate. This is also a party favor that can
be incorporated into a specific time of the wedding. Either right at
the end of the ceremony, the first toast, or a farewell to bride and
groom are all great times to have confetti rain down on the lucky
couple! You can have these favors at tables during the reception, but
may be a good idea to have your bridesmaids pass out right before they
are needed, to avoid any early confetti mishaps. As above, make sure
folks are safe and supervise children with this fun favor.

Quality Versus Quantity

Sparklers and Confetti poppers can be fun, but make sure you are
providing safe, quality items at your wedding. Just because there
might be a great bulk deal, don’t jump on it without a little research
first. The safety of your guests and success of wedding accents should
be a priority. If you have to spend a little more on products that are
proven to be effective and safe, it is recommended.

Your wedding should be special, make it memorable with these new
wedding celebration ideas.

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