Caliph Ibrahim Is The Anti-Christ


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Caliph Ibrahim is the Anti-Christ – New Kindle ebook Release Date set
for November 30th on Pre-ordering is available now. Bible
prophecies are being fulfilled today by ISIS AKA Islamic State and
their leader Caliph Ibrahim in Iraq and Syria.(

QUESTION: WHO resurrects the Seleucid Empire, controls large areas of
Iraq and Syria, leads a force from many nations, including fighters on
horseback, plans to destroy the Whore of Babylon, speaks great words
against the Christian God, kills people based on how they worship,
murders Christians, has people beheaded, has people crucified, attacks
Egypt, attacks Libya, hates the Jews, leaves the dead bodies of his
victims on display for three days, controls the flow of the Euphrates
River, fights against the Medes and plans to conquer the city of

ANSWER: IF you answered either Caliph Ibrahim of ISIS or the
ANTI-CHRIST of the Bible, you are correct. They are one and the same.

The prophecies of the Bible are being fulfilled in the Middle East.
Especially the prophecies concerning the city of Jerusalem where there
is so much unrest today. The Book of Zephaniah says that Gaza shall be
forsaken; O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy
thee, that there shall be no inhabitant. This prophet also says that
Jerusalem will be a fenced city with high towers. Also prophecies in
the Book of Zechariah say that half the city of Jerusalem shall be
taken. And the Book of Revelation says the Anti-Christ will lead a
massive army against the city of Jerusalem in the Last Days and
Christians will be crucified and beheaded.

All of these events and many more are happening right now. The
Palestinians who live in Gaza today claim that they are the
descendants of the Philistines and even the Stone Age Canaanites, they
demand east Jeruslem for their capital and the entire area has fences
and towers today. And Islamic State has stated several times that
their goal is nothing less than the conquest of the city of Jerusalem.
Islamic State or ISIS as the Caliphate is commonly known has also been
crucifying and beheading Christians exactly as prophecy has warned.
These are the very Last Days of humanity. The End is here.

Caliph Ibrahim is the Anti-Christ – The New Kindle ebook Release Date
is now set for November 30th. Pre-ordering is now available. Alexander
Tchaikovsky is an author and editor for hire.

Caliph Ibrahim


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