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Tampa, FL (USA), March 18, 2015 — Healthcare Expert Mo Kasti says his
mission in life is to transform the healthcare industry through
physician leadership. With the healthcare crisis continuing i.e.
higher costs, care fragmentation and physician dissatisfaction, he
believes the answer to the healthcare crisis is physician leaders
delivering more High Touch than High Tech. That’s why he wrote the
book, “Physician Leadership: The Rx to Healthcare Transformation”
which hits the shelves March 15, 2015.(

Stimulated by the Affordable Care Act, health care organizations are
shifting from focusing on volume (fee-for-service) to one that is
value-based (better quality at lower cost). For such a shift to be
successful, physicians need to lead the efforts to increase
efficiency, clinical quality and reduce cost. A recent study found
that hospitals with the greatest clinician participation in management
scored about 50 percent higher on important drivers of performance.
Physicians, however, are typically not formally educated on

“Organizations that effectively develop their physician leaders have
demonstrated better results,” says Kasti, the CEO and founder of The
Physician Leadership Institute (PLI), an organization that develops
leaders. To get out of the healthcare crisis, physicians need to first
see themselves as leaders and not just clinicians, inspire their
teams’ hearts as human beings and not as just human doings, lead
change strategies, and deliver transformative results”. Kasti has
been coaching, teaching, researching and studying “physician
leadership” for 25 years.

This book dives into the Kasti’s framework of physician leadership.
It also explains the genesis of a leadership vacuum, highlights the
symptoms facing physicians and healthcare organizations and provides
real-life case studies with proven results.

“This book is an invitation for healthcare administrators to realize
the need to engage physicians in leadership,” says Lisa M. Umina,
publisher of Halo Publishing International. “It’s also a book that
helps physicians understand what it means to lead the future of

You can purchase “Physician Leadership: The Rx to Healthcare
Transformation” at

Mo Kasti is the CEO and founder of The Physician Leadership Institute
(PLI) specializing in empowering physicians to engage and lead the
healthcare transformation. Previously, as the Chief Transformation
Officer (CTO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for USF Health
College of Medicine, he facilitated the integration of the colleges of
Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and the USF Physicians Group into
USF Health, an entrepreneurial academic model promoting collaboration
for better health. Prior to joining USF, Kasti held successful
leadership roles at General Electric Healthcare, the #1 market leader
in diagnostic equipment and services, and the company synonymous with
business leadership.

Press & Media Contact:
Lisa M. Umina, Publisher
Halo Publishing International
1100 NW Loop 410, Suite 700-176
San Antonio, TX 78213 – USA
+1 877-705-9647
[email protected]

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