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B’orze digital video colposcope is a medical equipment that magnifies
the vaginal walls, and uterine cervix in order to detect and examine
oddity of its structures. During the test of video colposcope, special
tests “use of color filters, and biopsy of tissues” can be done.
Video colposcope is not to be confused with culdoscopy, which is the
insertion of an device through the wall of the vagina in order to view
the pelvic area behind the vagina. (

Why is Video colposcopy done?

Video colposcopy is basically done in one of two circumstances: to
examine the vagina either when the result of a Pap smear is unusual,
or when the vaginal area looks unusual during the collection of a Pap
smear. Even if a Pap smear result is normal, video colposcopy is
ordered when the cervix appears visibly abnormal to the clinician
performing the Pap smear. One of the main purpose of the video
colposcopy is to define what is causing the oddity looking vagina or
the abnormal Pap smear so that properly remedy can be given.

How is colposcopy done?

A video colposcope device is a microscope that resembles a pair of
binoculars. The equipment has a range of magnification lenses as well.
It also has color filters that will enable the doctors to detect tiny
abnormal blood vessels on the cervix area.

During video colposcopy, the entire squamocolumnar junction is more
likely to be seen in young women. Video colposcopy, therefore, is
often not adequate in women after menopause. Therefore, if the whole
squamocolumnar junction area of the cervix is not visible on B’orze
colposcopy, another type of process probably need to be performed that
enables the entire squamocolumnar junction to be examined.

Few Facts of Video Colposcopy:
Video colposcopy is a process used by doctors that provides a
magnified view of the vaginal walls, and cervix.

This colposcopy is often done to evaluate an oddities appearing

Special tests are done during this procedure, including acetic acid
wash, use of color filters, and biopsy of tissues.

Oddities in cervix include dysplasia, which can be rated as moderate,
or severe, and vaginal cancer.

The type of remedy process chosen by the doctors depends on the
severity of the cervical oddities, which is determined by analysis of
the colposcopy.

The remedy for cervical oddities include the ablation procedures –
cryocautery, cold knife conization, and hysterectomy.

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