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Vasant Kunj Enclave, Delhi, March 23RD, 2015, GAALC; Global Academy of
Arts, Language and Culture is thrilled to announce today, their new
online programs on Vocal and Instrumental Music training programs.


Online music training programs today is a globally accepted method
of learning. GAALC offers their new model classes absolutely suitable
for all, students who have excessive pressure for academic study, for
house wives who have no time to go for hobby class after housekeeping
works and for those men who work hard whole day and couldn’t get
time for their hobbies or passion. Look at yourself, give a chance to
your hidden dreams, music is every body’s love and basically we all
are musicians. Some particular music class only can give you
confidence on your daily life and you can take a fresh breath when you
can play a sweet tune on Sitar or on Piano for your own pleasure.
GAALC has been working from last few years for the promotion and
development of Fine Arts and organized regular basis workshops on
Music learning. Spreading music worldwide is the only business of
GAALC. GAALC offers following courses for Vocal and Instrumental
Courses which are absolutely time saving, affordable and always
followed with scientific methods.

The courses are:

1.      Short term certificate level -24 months of duration
2.      Regular term certificate level- 36 months of duration
3.      Extended term certificate level- 54 months of duration

GAALC provides following Vocal Music lessons:

I.      Classical music (Hindustani & Carnatic).
II.     Semi classical music (Thumri, Tappa, Ghazal, Sufi, Bhajan etc.)
III.    Popular music (Bollywood music, Folk music).
IV.     Rabindra Sangeet.
V.      Western classical vocal music (Pop, Jazz etc.)

GAALC provides following instrumental training courses & they are:

I.      Indian stringed instruments (Sitar, Sarode, Rabab, Veena, Mandolin,
Santoor etc.)
II.     Indian bowed stringed instruments (Violin, Sarangi, Esraj etc.)
III.    Indian wind instruments (Bansuri-Flute, Venu)
IV.     Key based instruments like Harmonium.
V.      Rhythm instruments like Tabla, Pakhawaj, Mridangam, Dholak etc.
VI.     All Western instruments (Piano, Key-board, Guitar etc.)

GAALC works with a good, efficient team who is hard working and
devoted to give you their best. In GAALC academy famous artists,
teachers, experienced and skilled on own field experts assemble
together to search a fastest method of “music learning”. GAALC is
happy to announce this, GAALC is hundred percent succeeded after their
hard works. Now GAALC is a well known global music school in the world
that walks with thousands of students and teachers.(Free-Pr-Online.com)

Here are some words from the voices of Music students of GAALC:
Online Tabla training lessons by GAALC India truly exceed my
expectations with music e-learning program. Ms. Alice, London, United
Love to learn Santoor online with my Santoor guru @ GAALC music
academy. Nitish, Chennai, Tamil Nadu., India.
The online Harmonium learning lessons are very good, I love playing
it. Sunny, London, United Kingdom
Join GAALC’s today and experienced a world of music. To know more
visit www.gaalc.in

Author Bio:
GAALC: – GAALC is a Global academy of Art Language and Culture. GAALC
provides you E-learning program with live one-on-one online class
lessons on Skype and Google Hangout. GAALC offers online Music
training courses of different terms and duration.

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