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A survey report by has revealed for the first time
that UK-based tutors are successfully capturing the international
online tuition market. (

Online tuition has in the past been seen as a threat to UK tutors,
with foreign tutors based in countries such as India able to undercut
the fees charged by British tutors.

However, research by The Tutor Pages has shown that the overseas
market has become a rich source of income for UK-based online tutors.
In a survey of almost 400 tutors, a child living overseas but
following the UK curriculum was one of the top three reasons why
clients chose online tuition.

Among those tutors who taught face-to-face and online, exactly half
charged the same fee for both, while around a quarter (23%) charged no
less than 70-100% of their face-to-face fee. And for tutors working
exclusively online, almost two thirds (63%) were charging the same as
they used to charge face-to-face.

Tom Maher, President of The UK Tutors’ Association, said, “The
Online Tuition Survey Report confirms that UK online tutors compete on
the quality of the tuition they provide, and overseas families are
often willing to pay a premium for this.”
Welcoming the report’s publication, he continued that it was “the
first proper attempt to analyse the dynamics of the growing online
tuition sector from a British perspective”.

One of the reasons for the growing trend in online tuition seems to be
the emerging export market in preparing foreign children to study at
British private schools. UK based tutors and companies currently
provide online tuition to pupils across the world, helping them gain
entry to the UK’s top public schools such as Eton and Harrow.

One expert in this area is Adam Muckle, who is currently tutoring
pupils in Hong Kong, Uzbekistan, the Channel Islands and Seattle for
entry into prep schools and Common Entrance at 13+. He said, “I
think that technology has improved enough for parents abroad to have
confidence that the quality of tuition online is not affected.

“The standard of education varies between countries and I sense
parents like to have a British tutor to regularly assess whether their
child is at the necessary standard before starting their education in
Published this month, The Tutor Pages groundbreaking survey of online
tuition in the UK covers a wide range of topics, including the
affordability of online tuition, technology, potential benefits and
challenges. For further information, download the free report at:

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