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Gooseberry Planet is pleased to announce the release of an app which
provides internet safety for kids from ages 9 to 14. Parents today
face increasing challenges in keeping their children safe from
cyber-bullying, sexual solicitation and over-exposure on social
networks. Children are bombarded with input from WhatsApp, Facebook,
BBM, Instagram and Snapchat. There are also texts and even emails
which can give children information which the parents would prefer
they did not have. (

The designer and founder of Gooseberry Planet had a two-fold purpose
in creating and funding the website and app. Tracking the activity of
children online is the first element of the app. There is also a
desire to teach children in an effective way how to protect themselves
and to make right choices about online safety. Children need to know
how to recognize the risks and avoid them. Providing internet safety
tips for kids is done in a way that will attract and hold the child’s

Teaching internet safety for kids includes dealing with issues such as
emails, web-cams, social networking, stranger danger, cyber-bullying,
and how/why to block people. There are two parallel apps: one for the
child and one for the parent. The game costs a minimal amount for the
first level, known as Gooseberry Street. There are no optional
purchases in-game. The parent app is free. The parent will be able to
teach their child with the process through the game. There are tips
and suggestions for starting a conversation with the youngster about
internet safety hints.

The app is easy to download. Parents don’t have to have
technician-level knowledge to install the app and use it. The messages
are free of jargon.

Gooseberry Planet is available no additional in-game purchases through
the app stores (Google Play Store and iTunes) and also through the website, for just £1.49 for level 1 (Gooseberry
Street) and £3.99 for all four levels, including the parent app. It
will be suitable for downloading to pcs, tablets and phones.

Contact: Stella James
Company Name: Gooseberry Planet Ltd
Phone: 01865 366468
Contact Email: [email protected]

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