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HJ has uploaded a new youtube video about how much weight can be lost
in a week in a healthy way. (Free-Pr-Online.com)

Since the question how much weight can you lose in a week came out in
most emails she received from her email subscribers, HJ has decided to
create this new video in order to help them avoid fad diets or

In her 10 years of experience as a weight loss coach, she has found
out that in one week a person can easily lose 5 pounds in a week, in a
healthy way if she follows a simple plan. In her video she shares for
free the plan to follow. In fact she shares the same plan that she has
already recommended to over 1000 women and they all managed to lose 5
pounds in a week.

The reason why most women want to know how much weight can you lose in
a week is because they want a great start when following a weight loss
program. They know that if in a week they can all see great progress
and at least 5 pounds being lost, they would continue following the
plan for the next 3-4 weeks, and hoping for even more results.

If a woman can lose 20 pounds in a week, she knows that she could
easily keep up with the weight loss diet plan and the workout program
for at least 3 months, which is enough time for them to lose at least
50 pounds.

The women who will watch HJ’s video will become so involved in
transforming their bodies that they could also help others lose
weight. All they have to do is share the video with their friends. In
her video Hj also shares a diet plan for 7 days, then she shares the
exact routine she followed to lose over 70 pounds of fat, fat that was
stored on her body while she was pregnant with her second child.

The women who want to know the real answer to the question: how much
weight can you lose in a week in a healthy way, they should watch
HJ’s video in this link https://youtu.be/R-SNNflw1hw/

About us: Our mission is simple: be a force in helping women lose
weight and become healthy and confident.

Contact: Heather Jameson
Company: Weightloss co.
Address: 122 Main Street, 03262, N. Woodstock, NH
Telephone No.: 603-745-8971
Website: https://youtu.be/R-SNNflw1hw

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