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For a college going student in graduation days writing for a research
paper is an important part of the curriculum. With changes in our
education system, the demand of research journals and papers is also
growing among various scholars and researchers. The courses now
require research journals submissions from their students to award
final merits and recognitions. Thus it is utmost important for the
professors to understand the topics they give to students should not
be too wide to increase monotony nor too narrow as not giving a clear
understanding of the topic. (

Writing a research article or journal can be a daunting task and often
writers are not certain about the things what should be included and
how the information should be conveyed. The articles for International
Journal Paper Submission follow an accepted format. They contain an
introduction which includes the statement of the topic, a general
outline of the paper, discussions and application areas and a final
summary and conclusion. Some guidelines should be followed while
writing scientific research journal with respect to style, target
audience and publication platform.

Importance of Manuscript in Journals
A manuscript is a document written by hand or typed understood to be
an author’s typed or word processed copy of his work. It is required
to be submitted to the journal that contains: a cover letter, the
manuscript, and a signed copyright transfer form.

Cover Letter
The cover letter should be prepared in a standard business letter
format. It should contain the full title of the manuscript, a
statement for exclusive submission stating not submitting the
manuscript to more than one journal at the same time, a brief
statement summarizing the significance of the work and information on
whom to contact in case the journal requires any additional

Copyright Transfer Form
Most journals require authors to sign a copyright transfer form,
available on the website, at the time they submit their manuscript to
the journal for review. It is important because signing the form
authors retain the right to reproduce their data.

Thesis is the base of any research paper and it needs to be strong.
Thus it is useful to ensure enough time in writing thesis well and in
a proper way. Planning things before starting will give the author
consistency to write about the topic. Picking and gathering right
information for Journal Paper Submission can increase the quality
content of it to attract the target audience. For achieving good
quality it is advisable to take help of various magazines, published
journals, online materials, encyclopedias and reference books.

Once the paper gets written, selecting the right publication journal
to publish the article is also very important. The journal editors and
platforms want submissions that reflect the work of the research
scholar adequately researched that can provide guidance to help the
beginners in the field. One such platform to publish papers is IJTRA is international journal of technical research and
applications promoting the research work of the scholars globally and
get their work acclaimed.
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