USMC Veteran starts-up company to sell baby hair toothbrushes


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Murrieta, CA ( April 26, 2016 – Yes! That gel and
hair ridden toothbrush that is hidden in every woman’s bathroom or
makeup bag has finally been created for its proper purpose. The baby
hair game has been promoting hair stylists, tutorials, hair, and hair
care products. Now people of all ages can enjoy a professional finish
to their hair care routine.

The NEW! Edge Control Styling Brush by REGAL EDGE is to be released on
May 15, 2016 at the company website.( Use this brush
to apply finish to the desired style. The product is an actual
alternative to the popularly used toothbrush. The size makes it
extremely maneuverable to delicately adorn the face with kempt edges.

Candice Clemons, CEO of Regal Edge, inventor of the beauty gem, and
USMC Veteran realized the gap in the market while shopping for a
hairbrush in the dental hygiene aisle. She had had enough and decided
to patent her own solution in January 2015. Candice says, “I noticed
everyone used a toothbrush to tame their baby hairs, and decided to
create an alternative to the teaser brush normally labeled as an edge
tamer brush.”

Teaser photos on the company’s Instagram page indicate that the
brush will look more like an eyeshadow brush than a toothbrush. The
company designed the brush with a makeup handle to veer away from the
appearance of a toothbrush. Candice is clear about her reasons for
quitting her cyber security job on a military installation to invest
her life savings into the product. After asking her where she sees it
fitting in with other brushes on the market, she says “Women have a
brush for every part of their body, and using a toothbrush in their
hair is proving the need for my product on the market.” The new
addition to the black hair industry is projected to generate some

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