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The San Juan de Dios Hospital Order and the Heart of Jesus Medical
Centre of Women have been awarded
In its institutional modality, the International Prizes of the
International Confederation of Healthcare (CIS), recognizes projects
on strategy, innovation, humanity and on the solution of problems of
healthcare in the world. ( 

The Alberto Lajo Foundation has been awarded for its dedication and
service in the field of health and safety, for lending a hand in
disadvantaged areas and people in exceptional necessity.

In its XVI award winning ceremony the prizes have been granted to San
Juan de Dios Hospital Order and the Heart of Jesus Medical Centre of

The prizes, which the International Confederation of Healthcare gives
on a yearly basis, differentiate the activities which are of great
importance for the society, for the investigation, for teaching, and
healthcare. They have two modalities, the personal or professional and
the institutional or corporative.

The prizes recognize the ideas and strategies in the application of
improvement of healthcare by means of evaluation of real cases and the
complexity of plans of help in healthcare, which generate a value and
a benefit for society and for people.

Alberto Lajo Foundation is a private and non-profit institution which
has a Christian philosophy whose main aim is to offer medical help and
care of disadvantaged, ill people, wounded people, victims of natural
disasters, wars and violence.

Sanitary assistance started on a personal basis in 1995, having as
main aim the determined areas of Central and South America and, later,
extending the assistance to Africa and Asia; developing plans and
objectives of concrete help and staff cooperating with other
organizations and foundations. Cooperations with other organizations
and missions, originally voluntary, were the basis of the beginning of
the creation of this foundation in 2014.

The foundation provides information, assistance to families and to
certain people (food, medicine, surgical operations, psychological
support, counsel) just like to those institutions, to ONG, to missions
which needed cooperation and counsel in the field of health and
safety. Throughout the years it has kept the aim to grant sanitary
care for all the people who are in need without distinction of

Exemplary Model of Assitance at Labour
During the award winning ceremony, the president of the International
Confederation of Healthcare, appreciated the foundation, which was
created by Dr. Alberto Lajo, as an exemplary model of assistance at
labour, as an unselfish support and as a dedication towards vital and
punctual objectives at global level. Dr. Lajo, as the president of the
Foundation Alberto Lajo in his answer, gave warm thanks for the prize
and made an emotional speech in front of the attending authorities,
professionals and audience.

The second organization with which the Doctor’s foundation shared the
prize is San Juan de Dios Hospital Order from Ecuador, which is a
non-profit Christian organization; it is part of the church and whose
philosophy is hospitality and the humanization of assistance. It was
founded in Granada in 1593 by Juan Ciudad who established the first
hospital dedicated to the care of poor and ill people, financed by
donations. At the end of the XVI century more than 50 hospitable
centres were established, mainly in Italy and in Spain. It expanded to
the Spanish colonies in America and to Europe (at the end of the XVIII
century it reckoned on 256 centres). In the XIX century it reached its
maximum development in South America and in the XX century it expanded
to Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The hospitable centres were the first in inaugurating palliative care
in Yan-Ji, in China in 2004. At present the order attends 27 million
people. In 1967, the Brothers of San Juan de Dios Hospital Order went
to Ecuador to found in Quito a nursing home. All this was to solve the
need to give more human and integral attention to psychiatric

During the award winning ceremony a dinner was organized (as a
conclusion of the congress) at Hotel Hilton in Cartagena de Indias in
Colombia, where the experts of healthcare of different nations of
America could make friends.

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