Hit Ball Australia Launches Website to Attract New Players


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The dynamic, fast paced sport of Hit Ball is alive in Adelaide and
word is spreading about this fun and energetic activity.

To help Australians learn more about the international game, Hit Ball
Australia have launched a website to highlight the basics while
showing locals how much fun it can be.(Free-Pr-Online.com)

Developed in Italy, Hit Ball is a mixture of volleyball and squash,
and the game has even been likened to Quidditch (from Harry Potter
fame) but without the brooms. Hit Ball is played on an indoor court,
where the walls and roof can also come into play. Each team consists
of five players, with goals at both ends of the court. The entire body
can be used to hit the ball, whilst only the upper limbs may be used
in any attacking strike.

The new website has been designed by Growth Worx to provide the
ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and
functionality throughout, allowing customers to access detailed
information and videos about the sport with the option to share things
across all major social networking sites.

To help make the website findable online, current search engine
optimisation (SEO) techniques have been utilised. This includes easy
to read information for players to understand Hit Ball and to know how
to sign up for free trials and competitions.

Alessandro Gavello is the Managing Director of Hit Ball Australia. He
said, “Hit Ball is great way of improving co-ordination, reflexes
and agility. People who play really enjoy it and can’t wait to play
again. With our new website, we are hoping we can attract a new
variety of players to the sport. Thank you to Sam and the Growth Worx
team for making a great site for us.”

Robin Sands, Director Client Engagement at Growth Worx, noted, “This
is an exciting game and we look forward to hearing how Hit Ball has
been discovered by more people in Adelaide through the website. We
wish Alessandro all the best with the growth of this sport in

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About Hit Ball Australia
Hit Ball was born in Italy 20yrs ago and is now available to be played
in Australia. It’s main characteristics are the simplicity of the
game play, the use of natural gestures, the involvement of the whole
body during the game (including both right/left sides), the
non-existence of any physical contact/impact and the continuous play
(the game rarely stops), making it an ideal choice as its own
discipline as much as the alternative choice for off-seasonal

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