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Sun Laboratories has announced a shipping incentive that will benefit
spas, beauty salons, retail outlets and other customers who purchase
its products in high volumes. The Chatsworth, California-based
manufacturer decided to provide free shipping on domestic order above
$25. (

Sun Laboratories manufactures a complete line of innovative sunless
tanning formulations. The popularity of safe tanning methods that do
not involve exposure to UV light creates a high demand for the
sun-free skin tanning product lines originally developed by Gisela
Hunter. A growing number of health spas and beauty salons around the
United States offer these products to their clients.

Customers purchasing in volume at will
benefit from the shipping incentive offered by Sun Laboratories for
domestic orders. Currently, shipping costs in many parts of the United
States reflect the impact of inflation. The ability to save money on
high-volume purchases of sun-free tanning products may offer a boon to
retailers placing large orders.

The Sun Laboratories website enables customers to shop online for
products by either price or skin tone. The firm produces a range of
tanning formulations. Consumers may select formulations permitting
them to obtain a tanned skin tone overnight. Additionally, different
formulations produce tans ranging from light to very dark. Some of the
products produce very rapid tanning.

Sun Laboratories supplies other products online in addition to its
sunless skin tanning formulations. Customers can purchase morphe
brushes for a variety of cosmetic colors, as well as durable Bass
brand brushes for both men and women. Other available products for
sale online include toothbrushes, combs and a full line of Cinema
Secrets cosmetics.

Sun Laboratories enjoys the ability to offer sunless tanning
formulations in high volume because the firm manufactures its own
tanning formulations at a facility in Chatsworth, California. The
company today develops, manufactures, bottles and distributes unique
sunless tanning supplies on a worldwide basis. The free shipping offer
applies only to domestic orders above $25.

Today, some companies involved in the sale and distribution of beauty
products depend on outsourced manufacturing facilities. By maintaining
control over the design and development of its tanning formulations,
Sun Laboratories has retained the ability to generate significant
quantities of these products. The company can respond to large orders
in a responsive way.

Beauty salons, health spas and tanning salons in the United States
benefit from the sale of formulations produced on-site by
manufacturers, such as Sun Labs. The shipping incentive announced on
the company’s website ultimately assists volume customers by reducing
the costs involved in stocking products sold by Sun Labs. The shipping
incentive will likely contribute to retailer domestic profit margins.

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