South African PhD Student develops a World First Website that allows you to receive messages from the Dead!


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A World First – A Website that allows you to make contact with the
Dead! is a website developed by a South African PhD student
that allows you to reconnect with your deceased loved ones – a year
after they have passed on! This world first website allows living
users to store final goodbye messages and delivers it to grieving
friends and family after they die. Unlike other social media sites
like FaceBook that connects you with the living,
reconnects you with your friends and loved ones that are deceased.

What is

If you could speak to your loved ones after you die, what would your
last words be?, the shock of an unexpected death
means never having to leave things unsaid. By recording your final
farewell messages you will be able to leave a piece of yourself
behind, to help your grieving loved ones find strength and closure
after your passing. You can send love, make amends, or even confess
your sins in total confidence knowing that in the event of your death,
you will still be able to reach out to your loved ones as they mourn
you. You can also create Angel-GRAMS for your ageing parents or those
who may be terminally ill so that you have a piece of them to hold
onto long after they are gone. ( 

How it Works?

Designed around a stringent time delay system users can store their
final messages of love and encouragement by simply uploading their
videos or typing in a message. Once your messages are stored, your
personal vault is locked and can only be activated if you fail to
check-in to your account for a year. The system reads your inactivity
as either having:

* Passed on (Died unexpectedly/tragically/without closure) or
* Become permanently medically incapacitated (such as Alzheimer’s
patients/coma) or
* An unexplained and prolonged disappearance that prevents you from
contacting your loved ones (kidnapping/abductions/murder).

Your stored Angel-GRAMS are then released to your loved ones (who you
have nominated) a year after your death. Meryl M, PhD student at the
Durban University of Technology and founder of had
this to say, “My Dad died unexpectedly. He was happy and healthy the
day before and the next morning an undiagnosed heart attack claimed
his life. I felt so cheated! There were so many things left
unsaid…so many regrets and regardless of the number of photos or
home videos I looked at, I still yearned to have that same personal
connection that we once shared. I just wanted him to look at me
again…to speak to me…just one last time. My greatest fear as a
parent is that I will suddenly and unexpectedly die, leaving my kids
and husband to face life without me. allows me to
leave a part of myself behind”.

How are Angel-GRAMS different to Your Last Will and Testament, Social
Media sites like FaceBook and home videos and photographs?

Your Angel-GRAMS are your own personal messages that you leave
directly to your beneficiaries. It is not a legally binding contract
but rather an emotional and heartfelt farewell message. It is your
final gift that will enable you to reconnect with those close to you.
Home videos and photographs, however memorable it may be, only
captures a single abstract event or a memory-a snapshot. When you lose
a loved one, you lose the personal connection you share and the face
to face interaction of just being present in each others lives. When
you receive an Angel-GRAM you receive the gift of having your departed
loved one, look and speak directly to you again. It is a priceless


Membership to is free. To sign up, simply log into A minimal and once off lifetime storage fee of
$49 applies to all Angel-grams.

Life is uncertain, but you can always trust the Angels to guide your
messages home.

For more information, please email [email protected].
Twitter @angel_grams
Facebook @Angelgramsdotcom

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