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Stuttgart, January 23, 2017 – Voith Industrial Services will in
future have two new names: The part of the company operating in the
automobile and automotive supply industry is now called Leadec. The
part of the company operating in the process and power plant
industries is now called Veltec. This means that the service
provider’s new independence is now also reflected in its own brands.

In fall 2016 Voith sold its industrial services division to private
equity firm Triton. Since then the service provider has been one of
Triton’s portfolio companies. Under the new owner, Leadec and Veltec
are independent service companies capable of aligning themselves fully
to the needs of the service sector and providing customized solutions.

To better accommodate the respective business models, a conscious
decision was taken in favor of having two separate brands. Markus
Glaser-Gallion, CEO of the Leadec Service Group: ‘There are
significant differences between the core activities of our respective
customers and also the services that we provide. By focusing
systematically on particular industry segments we can fully exploit
potentials, enhance our own success and provide our customers with
even better support for their specific needs. We are very much looking
forward to the exciting times ahead.’  ( free-pr-online.com) 

The new brands were developed to reflect the company’s DNA and took
account of the aspirations and values that the company represents
today and would like to reinforce in the future. The term Leadec
derives from the words “lead” (leading edge, leadership) and “tec”
(technology), while Veltec is a combination of the Latin term
“veltrus” (fast running) and “tec”.

Leadec intends to expand its global network in the future, operate
even more flexibly and efficiently, and invest in further growth
alongside Triton. As a mid-sized enterprise, Veltec aims to further
develop existing markets in Europe, win new customers and strengthen
existing customer relationships.

About Leadec

The Leadec Group is one of the leading providers of technical services
for key sectors like the automotive, process and power plant
industries. In 2016 the affiliated companies Leadec and Veltec earned
combined sales of around EUR 1 billion.

For more than 50 years, Leadec has been providing automobile
manufacturers and automotive suppliers, for example, with support for
their production chains. A flexible workforce of around 16,600 highly
skilled personnel is available for short-term or permanent deployments
at customers’ production sites in more than 200 locations. The
services provided range from site services (production maintenance,
cleaning, facility services, production support services) through
project solutions/engineering (development services, manufacturing
engineering, automation, electrical installations, machine
relocations) to assembly solutions (wheel and tire assembly,

Learn more about the new brand here: www.leadec-services.de

About Veltec

Veltec has decades of experience as a technical services provider in
the process and power plant industries. The pioneering company
provides flexible, expert support throughout Europe to customers in
the process industries oil and gas, chemicals, biosciences, raw
materials and power plants. Around 1,000 permanent employees and
additional manpower as required are available for short-term or
permanent deployments on site at customer plants, often working in
interdisciplinary teams of up to 500 specialists, and drawing on their
experience from more than 500 turnarounds. Other services offered
include automation, on-site servicing and overhauls.

Learn more about the new brand here: www.veltec-services.de

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Meitnerstr. 11
70563 Stuttgart, Germany
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