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Lawyer in Fox suit seeks to depose Trump, Spicer: report

(Media Release) The lawyer spearheading the lawsuit against Fox News for allegedly fabricating quotes in a report about slain Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich,  said Tuesday he would seek to have President Trump and former White House press secretary Sean Spicer testify under oath about their roles in the affair. Yahoo News reported Tuesday that attorney Douglas Wigdor, […]

‘You can’t do this to us’: Fuming passengers stuck on planes for hours call 911

(Media Release) Passengers on two Air Transat flights were stuck on planes at the Ottawa airport for hours on Monday after being diverted due to stormy weather, and at least two of them called 911. Air Transat Flight 157 from Brussels was scheduled to arrive in Montreal at 3:15 p.m. ET Monday, but was diverted to […]

Time, not material goods, ‘raises happiness’

(Media Release) Using money to free-up time is linked to increased happiness, a study says. In an experiment, individuals reported greater happiness if they used £30 ($40) to save time – such as by paying for chores to be done – rather than spending the money on material goods. Psychologists say stress over lack of […]

British treasure hunters find chest that could contain Nazi gold worth $163M in sunken cargo ship

(Media Release) British treasure hunters are seeking permission to recover a mysterious chest from a German ship’s watery grave amid claims that it could contain $163 million worth of Nazi gold. The box was found by U.K.-based Advanced Marine Services inside the post room of the SS Minden at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean […]

Future energy: The technology allowing more oil extraction

(Media Release) Russian engineer Alex Barak has been coaxing oil out of the ground for a long time. Seventeen years ago, he was responsible for work at a particularly troublesome oil field in Kazakhstan. “That oil field, Karazhanbas, was a real dog,” he recalls, explaining that the oil there was very viscous, making it difficult […]

Why dogs are friendly – it’s written in their genes

(Media Release) Being friendly is in dogs’ nature and could be key to how they came to share our lives, say US scientists. Dogs evolved from wolves tens of thousands of years ago. During this time, certain genes that make dogs particularly gregarious have been selected for, according to research. This may give dogs their […]

Al Gore: ‘I was wrong’ on Trump

(Media Release) Former Vice President Al Gore says he’s given up hope that President Trump will “come to his senses” and act on climate issues.( Gore on Monday night told “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert that his hopes about Trump were wrong. “I went to Trump Tower after the election,” said Gore, who was […]

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