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How does our brain process fear? Study investigates

(Media Release) A little bit of fear protects us from danger, but too much can cause serious psychological discomfort and, in some cases, mental health problems. New research uncovers the brain circuit involved in processing fear, which could eventually lead to new treatment options for people with mental health disorders. Psychology / Psychiatry Neurology / […]

Why might coffee drinkers live longer? Study sheds light

(Media ReleASE) Coffee drinkers may live longer. This has been the conclusion of numerous studies during recent years. Now, researchers believe that they may have uncovered one of the mechanisms underlying this association. In a new study, researchers reveal the discovery of an inflammatory process that might drive the development of cardiovascular disease in later […]

Top 10 Foods that Boost Metabolism

(Media Release) Your metabolic rate determines how many calories your body burns every day, and speeding up your metabolism will be the key to losing weight the healthy way. After all, if you burn more calories every day, weight loss is guaranteed! In this post, we’ll show you the top 10 foods that boost your […]

How economics killed the antibiotic dream

(Media Release) On a ramshackle pig farm near Wuxi, in Jiangsu province, China, a foreigner gets out of a taxi. The family are surprised. Their little farm is at the end of a bumpy track through rice paddies, and they do not get many foreigners asking to use the toilet. The stranger’s name is Philip […]

World’s most threatening superbugs ranked in new list

(Media Release) The World Health Organization has drawn up a list of the drug-resistant bacteria that pose the biggest threat to human health. Top of the list are gram-negative bugs, such as E. coli, which can cause lethal bloodstream infections and pneumonia in frail hospital patients. The list will be discussed ahead of this summer’s […]


(Media Release) For treatment of numerous health issues combination of olive oil and lemon has been used since ancient times. You can cleanse your body from all those harmful toxins with the help of this drink. Your energy levels will be higher and through the whole day you will feel refreshed! Only mix 1 lemon […]

Vitamin D pills ‘could stop colds or flu’

(Media Release) Vitamin D supplements could spare more than three million people from colds or flu in the UK each year, researchers claim. The sunshine vitamin is vital for healthy bones, but also has a role in the immune system. The analysis, published in the British Medical Journal, argues food should be fortified with the […]

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