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Deception tech helps to thwart hackers’ attacks

(Media Release) In World War II, the Allies employed all kinds of sneaky tricks to deceive their enemies into thinking they had more troops and weapons at their disposal than they actually had. The camouflage techniques of one unit active in North Africa, which on one occasion consulted a stage magician about the way he […]

Ransomware ‘here to stay’, warns Google study

(Media Release) Cyber-thieves have made at least $25m (£19m) from ransomware in the last two years, suggests research by Google. The search giant created thousands of virtual victims of ransomware to expose the payment ecosystem surrounding the malware type. Most of the money was made in 2016 as gangs realised how lucrative it was, revealed […]

Apple ‘pulls 60 VPNs from China App Store’

(Media Release) The creators of several Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have criticised Apple’s decision to remove their products from its App Store in China. The BBC understands that as many as 60 VPNs were pulled over the weekend. Apple said it was legally required to remove them because they did not comply with new regulations. […]

Perspective | The debit card nightmare: A number is stolen and charges pile up

(Media Release) I could hear the panic in her voice, this pastor, who never fears anything. She had simply wanted a free sample of face cream and agreed to pay the shipping cost — $5.99. But the day after she used her debit card to place the order, the online company put through two different […]

Russia causing ‘cyber-space mayhem’, says ex-GCHQ boss

(Media Release) Russian authorities are a threat to democracy, former GCHQ director Robert Hannigan has said. There was “a disproportionate amount of mayhem in cyber-space” coming from the country, he told the BBC. Mr Hannigan urged people to “push back” against the behaviour of the Russian state, adding some form of cyber-retaliation may be necessary […]

Ukraine cyber-attack: Software firm MeDoc’s servers seized

(Media Release) Police in Ukraine have seized the servers of an accountancy software firm, which is believed to have unwittingly helped spread malware that attacked many global firms last month. Intellect Service has denied that its software helped spread the malware. But security experts have said that some of the initial infections were indeed spread […]

NHS cyber-attack was ‘launched from North Korea’

(Media Release) ( British security officials believe that hackers in North Korea were behind the cyber-attack that crippled parts of the NHS and other organisations around the world last month, the BBC has learned. Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) led the international investigation. Security sources have told the BBC that the NCSC believes that […]

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