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‘Bots used to bias online political chats’

(Media Release) If you’ve been chatting about politics on social media recently, there’s a good chance you’ve been part of a conversation that was manipulated by bots, researchers say. The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) has studied such discussions related to nine places – US, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Canada, China, Taiwan, Brazil and Poland – on […]

‘Scam baiters’ get a kick out of conning the con artists

(Media Release)  ( Every year tens of thousands of people are conned by online scammers, but it is not only the authorities taking action: a network of tech-savvy volunteers is also working to expose them. “We waste scammers’ time, we waste their resources and we make them believe they are not as good as they […]

PRISM, Snowden and Government Surveillance: 6 Things You Need To Know

(Media Release)  ( Edward Snowden, one of the most famous whistleblowers of our times, brought to light the many surveillance programs and other snooping activities of the U.S. government. This former intelligence officer revealed top secret documents to Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian and Laura Poitras, a freelance journalist, in May 2013 at a hotel […]

How hackers hijacked a bank’s entire online operation

(Media Release) The traditional model of hacking a bank isn’t so different from the old-fashioned method of robbing one. Thieves get in, get the goods, and get out. But one enterprising group of hackers targeting a Brazilian bank seems to have taken a more comprehensive and devious approach: One weekend afternoon, they rerouted all of […]

Russian arrested in Spain ‘over US election hacking’

(Media Release) Spanish police have arrested a Russian programmer for alleged involvement in “hacking” the US election, Spanish press reports have said. Pyotr Levashov, arrested on 7 April in Barcelona, has now been remanded in custody. A “legal source” also told the AFP news agency that Mr Levashov was the subject of an extradition request […]

Here’s How Russian Agents Hacked 500 Million Yahoo Users

        (Media Release)  ( It was June 2013, and U.S. law enforcement thought they were finally getting their hands on a slippery target: Russian hacker Alexsey Belan, indicted in Nevada and California for computer intrusions at three U.S. e-commerce companies, had been arrested in Europe. Instead, Belan escaped to Russia, where the […]

Inside the TalkTalk ‘Indian scam call centre’

(Media Release) TalkTalk customers are being targeted by an industrial-scale fraud network in India, according to whistleblowers who say they were among hundreds of staff hired to scam customers of the British telecoms giant. The scale of the criminal operation has been detailed by the three sources, who say they were employed by two front-companies […]

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