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Cyber-attack was about data and not money, say experts

(Media Release) The Petya malware variant that hit businesses around the world may not have been an attempt to make money, suspect security experts. The malicious program demanded a payment to unlock files it scrambled on infected machines. However, a growing number of researchers now believe the program was launched just to destroy data. Experts […]

Google hit with record EU fine over Shopping service

(Media Release) Google has been fined 2.42bn euros ($2.7bn; £2.1bn) by the European Commission after it ruled the company had abused its power by promoting its own shopping comparison service at the top of search results. The amount is the regulator’s largest penalty to date against a company accused of distorting the market. The ruling […]

Gmail to end ad-targeting email scans

(Media Release) Google’s decision to stop scanning Gmail users’ emails in order to target them with personalised adverts has been given a qualified welcome by privacy campaigners. The tech firm revealed the change in a blog at the end of last week. Google promised to make the move before the year’s end to bring the […]

‘Bots used to bias online political chats’

(Media Release) If you’ve been chatting about politics on social media recently, there’s a good chance you’ve been part of a conversation that was manipulated by bots, researchers say. The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) has studied such discussions related to nine places – US, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Canada, China, Taiwan, Brazil and Poland – on […]

How to save money on your Internet bill

(Media Release) If your Internet bill is causing your stomach to churn, you’re in luck — there are ways to lower the cost of this modern-day necessity. ( Stephen Weyman, founder of, a site dedicated to helping Canadians maximize their dollars, says cutting the cost of your Internet service can be tricky for a […]

Watch out for the Google Docs invite scam

(Media Release)  ( Quick warning: if there’s an e-mail in your inbox asking you to open a Google Docs from someone, and you don’t know who it is, don’t open it. It’s probably a phishing email disguised as a contact attempting to share a file from Google Docs, says Google. The scam is one of the […]

US ‘debates charging Julian Assange’

(Media Release) The US is debating whether to charge Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, US media report. The organisation, which publishes confidential documents, has been in the cross-hairs of the US for years. Last week, CIA Director Mike Pompeo described it as a “hostile” intelligence service abetted by Russia, and Mr Assange as a “fraud”. But […]

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