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Watch out for the Google Docs invite scam

(Media Release)  ( Quick warning: if there’s an e-mail in your inbox asking you to open a Google Docs from someone, and you don’t know who it is, don’t open it. It’s probably a phishing email disguised as a contact attempting to share a file from Google Docs, says Google. The scam is one of the […]

US ‘debates charging Julian Assange’

(Media Release) The US is debating whether to charge Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, US media report. The organisation, which publishes confidential documents, has been in the cross-hairs of the US for years. Last week, CIA Director Mike Pompeo described it as a “hostile” intelligence service abetted by Russia, and Mr Assange as a “fraud”. But […]

Anger as US internet privacy law scrapped

(Media Release)( US internet service providers will soon no longer need consent from users to share browsing history with marketers and other third parties. On Tuesday the House of Representatives voted to repeal an Obama-era law that demanded ISPs have permission to share personal information – including location data. Supporters of the move said […]

Netflix’s anti-piracy team aims to make stealing content uncool

(Media Release)( Netflix is getting tough on piracy. The streaming service giant reveals its plan of attack in an online job posting seeking someone with legal and internet piracy experience to manage its newly created Global Copyright Protection Group. Based in Los Angeles, the group’s mission is to stop people from accessing online its original content without paying […]

Twitter considers paid membership option

(Media Release)( Twitter is considering adding a paid membership option for businesses and power users. The micro-blogging service, which has struggled to grow its user base in recent years, is carrying out surveys to “assess interest” in the idea. Paying members would get access to an enhanced version of Tweetdeck, Twitter’s souped-up interface that […]

Here’s How Russian Agents Hacked 500 Million Yahoo Users

        (Media Release)  ( It was June 2013, and U.S. law enforcement thought they were finally getting their hands on a slippery target: Russian hacker Alexsey Belan, indicted in Nevada and California for computer intrusions at three U.S. e-commerce companies, had been arrested in Europe. Instead, Belan escaped to Russia, where the […]

Cybercrime and fraud scale revealed in annual figures

(Media Release) There were an estimated 3.6 million cases of fraud and two million computer misuse offences in a year, according to an official survey. The Crime Survey for England and Wales included the offences for the first time in its annual report, which covered the year to September. Separate figures recorded by police showed […]

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