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Google responds on skewed Holocaust search results

(Media Release) Google has said it is “thinking deeply” about ways to improve search, after criticism over how some results – including ones discussing the Holocaust – were ranked. Searching for “did the Holocaust happen?” returned a top result that claimed it did not, as Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr reported. Now, the ranking has changed […]

Man held at JFK airport over largest US financial cyber-hacking

(Media Release) FBI and US secret service agents have arrested a man charged with the largest cyber-attack of financial firms in America’s history. US national Joshua Samuel Aaron, 32, was held at New York’s JFK airport and will appear in court on Thursday. He is one of three men accused of illegally accessing the personal […]

Why the Russian INTERNET was doomed from the beginning

(Media Release) Long before the World Wide Web, the Soviets tried to save the USSR with a computer network. Why did their project never make it? For 12 year-old Oleg Guimaoutdinov, learning to programme a computer in Soviet Russia largely meant hitting the books. Bored by the focus on theory, many classmates soon dropped out. […]

WikiLeaks’ Assange promises leaks on US election, Google

(Media Release) BERLIN — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised “significant” disclosures on subjects including the U.S. election and Google in the coming weeks as the secret-spilling group marked its 10th anniversary on Tuesday. Assange said WikiLeaks plans to start publishing new material starting this week, but wouldn’t specify the timing and subject. Speaking by video […]

Alphabet is killing off the Google name in a bunch of its products and divisions

(Media Release) Whither Google? Today (Sept. 30), Google relaunched its enterprise software services as “G Suite” (presumably a play on the fact that the top-level of management at companies is referred to as the C-suite). It also announced that many of its products, including its Docs word processor, its Sheets spreadsheet program, and Google Calendar, […]

U.S. set to hand over Internet address book

(Media Release) SAN FRANCISCO — The United States doesn’t own the Internet, but it’s held the oversight contract for the organization that runs its address book for many years. That’s set to change Friday. The U.S. contract with the non-profit organization in charge of all Internet domain names expires then, and the non-profit running the database […]

This site was hacked we apologize

There are some very bad people on the internet, we found that out over the weekend, the site was hacked someone was using it to send bulk spam emails. The staff here at want to apologize to everyone affected by this, this whole episode shows us that on the net everything must be scrutinized […]

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