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U.S. Army Considers Super-Weapon to Counter Russia

(Media Release) The U.S. has begun considering adding a new kinetic energy weapon to its arsenal in hopes of countering advances in Russian nuclear technology that could potentially threaten U.S. tactical military dominance. Called the Kinetic Energy Projectile, the weapon is a tungsten-based warhead launched at more than three times the speed of sound that […]

Russia-US relations have ‘worsened’ under Trump: Putin

(Media Release) President Vladimir Putin said ties between Russia and the United States appear to have worsened under Donald Trump in an interview released Wednesday as the countries’ top diplomats met in Moscow. “You can say that the level of trust on a working level, especially on the military side, has not improved but most […]

Syria war: G7 rejects sanctions on Russia after ‘chemical attack’

(Media Release)( The G7 group of nations has failed to reach agreement over threatening new sanctions against Russia and Syria. Foreign ministers were seeking a common position on the Syrian conflict, before the US secretary of state flies to Russia to try to persuade it to abandon its Syrian ally. The nations agreed there was […]

Syria chemical ‘attack’: Russia rebel weapons claim rejected

(Media Release) Russian reports that a release of chemicals that killed and injured dozens of civilians in northern Syria came from rebel weapons on the ground have been rejected. The UK’s foreign secretary, a rebel commander and a weapons expert all said the evidence pointed to an attack by Syrian government forces. Damascus denies its […]

As White Men Flee, Trump’s Approval Rating Dips Again

(Media Release) Things aren’t looking up for President Donald Trump, a man long obsessed with ratings of any sort. His approval rating took another dip this week. Just 34 percent of the country approved of the job Trump is doing, down from 44.1 percent in March, according to the latest survey this week from Investor’s Business Daily/TechnoMetrica Market […]

Trump’s Low Approval Ratings Are Not ‘Fake News’

(Media Release) Polls showing President Donald Trump with record low approval ratings are not “fake news,” an analysis into the methodology of such surveys has suggested. The Pew Research Center released findings Friday showing that there was no significant difference between the results of telephone surveys and anonymous internet polls. Possible reluctance of respondents to voice […]

Marine Le Pen: Who’s funding France’s far right?

Summery: Is it possible that someone wants the job as president so badly that they are willing to sell out their country? (Media Release) When Marine Le Pen appeared in the Kremlin on 24 March, it was Vladimir Putin himself who gave voice to the thought that was surely on many people’s minds: “I know that […]

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