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How to stop those annoying robocalls to your smartphone

(Media Release)(  Have you noticed an uptick in those super annoying robocalls, telemarketers, and scams hitting up your smartphone all hours of the day and night? I have, and it’s driving me nuts. Last month, I had a bogus call to lower my electricity bill. A few weeks ago, it was a pause after […]

How hackers hijacked a bank’s entire online operation

(Media Release) The traditional model of hacking a bank isn’t so different from the old-fashioned method of robbing one. Thieves get in, get the goods, and get out. But one enterprising group of hackers targeting a Brazilian bank seems to have taken a more comprehensive and devious approach: One weekend afternoon, they rerouted all of […]

How saying yes to free Wi-Fi could mean ‘you are the product’ for businesses

(Media Release) Twenty minutes after Zoe Elder stopped at a Gateway Newstands location in downtown Toronto to buy a pack of cigarettes, an email showed up in her personal Hotmail inbox. “Buy one Nestlé single bar + get one free,” it began. The sender? Gateway Newstands. Though Elder, 30, didn’t know it at the time, she was being targeted by […]

Should you take your phone to the United States?

(Media Release) “The next time you plan to cross a border, leave your phone at home.” That is the rather startling advice in a blogpost that is being widely shared right now. Its author, Quincy Larson, is a software engineer, who has previously written about the importance of protecting personal data. He now fears that […]

The clock is ticking for Spotify

(Media Release) It’s amazing to think that just 10 years ago, flat-rate digital music streaming services were a mere gleam in the eye of industry executives. It was as recently as September 2007 that Rick Rubin, then co-head of Columbia Records, put forward the idea as a way of combating online music piracy and file-sharing. […]

It’s not just your TV that can track your habits without consent

(Media Release) If you want to know what products and services are tracking you without your consent, their privacy policies are a good place to start. Own a PlayStation? Sony can share “non-personally identifying information and behavioural data from our studies with our affiliates and other third parties.” Belkin — which makes a line of smart […]

Wireless networks of Telus, Bell and Rogers ‘evenly matched,’ report finds

Opinion: There is a reason that they are evenly matched, they work together to form a monopoly. This is against the law if you can prove it, and you are still paying one of the highest rates in the world. The opinion stated is not the opinion on (Media Release) Everyone thinks their cellphone provider […]

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