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Ex-U.S. ambassadors blast Trump on Canada

(Media Release) WASHINGTON – A pair of former American ambassadors to Canada have criticized what they call unhelpful and counter-productive remarks from U.S. President Donald Trump about the northern neighbour. Barack Obama’s last envoy to Ottawa said publicly wailing about grievances actually makes it harder to resolve all the inevitable, routine trade irritants that pop up […]

Demonetization Conference at Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) discusses societal and economic impact

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by Jindal Global Business School Press Release Distribution Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) conducted a conference on “Demonetization and Emerging Challenges” in association with Queen’s University of Belfast, U.K. The Conference was held over the course of 5 sessions on the 10th and 11th of April. The aim was to […]

Borussia Dortmund bombs: Part of an elaborate scam?

(Media Release) It could have been taken from the plot of a James Bond film. A criminal, desperate to make a quick buck, decides to bomb a bus filled with top-flight football players on their way to one of the club’s most important games of the year. In the resulting chaos, shares in the club […]

The retail apocalypse is creating a ‘rolling crisis’ that is rippling through the US economy

(Media Release) Retailers are closing thousands of stores and going bankrupt at a rate not seen since the recession, and tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs as a result. The effects of these job losses will hit local economies hard, according to Mark Cohen, the director of retail studies at Columbia Business School. […]

Passenger bill of rights to come this spring

(Media Release) Canada will introduce new legislation this spring that will address the problem of travellers being bumped from flights, the federal government said Monday, as the violent dragging of a passenger off an overbooked flight in the U.S. unleashed anger over the practice. A spokesman for Transport Minister Marc Garneau said bumping rules will […]

Marine Le Pen: Who’s funding France’s far right?

Summery: Is it possible that someone wants the job as president so badly that they are willing to sell out their country? (Media Release) When Marine Le Pen appeared in the Kremlin on 24 March, it was Vladimir Putin himself who gave voice to the thought that was surely on many people’s minds: “I know that […]

Vector Institute is just the latest in Canada’s AI expansion

(Media Release)( Canadian researchers have been behind some recent major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Now, the country is betting on becoming a big player in one of the hottest fields in technology, with help from the likes of Google and RBC. In an unassuming building on the University of Toronto’s downtown campus, Geoff Hinton […]

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