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Opinion: This is by far the biggest threat that Trump poses to the stock market

(Media Release) There is a sword of Damocles hanging over President Trump’s head. Like him or not, Trump is a man of action. It is natural for him to do his best to remove the sword. The sword, in this case, being the peril of the Russia investigation undertaken by special counsel Robert S. Mueller […]

Wall Street is livid over Wells Fargo’s latest scandal: ‘Here we go again’

(Media Release) Analysts are angry over the latest Wells Fargo (WFC) scandal where hundreds of thousands of the bank’s customers were overcharged. Wells Fargo shares fell 2.6 percent Friday after The New York Times first reported the news. The stock closed 1.2 percent higher Monday, meanwhile. The article cited a 60-page internal report, which revealed more than 800,000 of […]

Perspective | The debit card nightmare: A number is stolen and charges pile up

(Media Release) I could hear the panic in her voice, this pastor, who never fears anything. She had simply wanted a free sample of face cream and agreed to pay the shipping cost — $5.99. But the day after she used her debit card to place the order, the online company put through two different […]

Future energy: The technology allowing more oil extraction

(Media Release) Russian engineer Alex Barak has been coaxing oil out of the ground for a long time. Seventeen years ago, he was responsible for work at a particularly troublesome oil field in Kazakhstan. “That oil field, Karazhanbas, was a real dog,” he recalls, explaining that the oil there was very viscous, making it difficult […]

The coming battle over ‘net neutrality’

(Media Release) This week some of the internet’s most popular websites will look quite different, as they participate in a day of action on Wednesday 12 July to oppose changes to US rules which govern net neutrality. Sites such as Netflix and Amazon are joining with civil liberty groups in a co-ordinated protest, and activists […]

Synchronous Global Recovery Masks Deepening Asset Imbalance

                (Media Release) There’s a dark cloud building behind the world’s best period of synchronous growth among developed and emerging economies this decade — one that in time could rain down volatility in global markets. ( The problem, identified by strategist and hedge fund manager Stephen Jen, is […]

How to save money on your Internet bill

(Media Release) If your Internet bill is causing your stomach to churn, you’re in luck — there are ways to lower the cost of this modern-day necessity. ( Stephen Weyman, founder of, a site dedicated to helping Canadians maximize their dollars, says cutting the cost of your Internet service can be tricky for a […]

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