The following is a list of guidelines that must be met for all press releases being submitted to Press releases that do not meet these guidelines will be rejected and you will be asked to re-write your release. So please read this page carefully.

1. Make sure your press release is formatted correctly.  Please refer to our template on How To Format a Press Release for the correct way to write your press release.

2. There must be something newsworthy in the release. Anything that reads like an article or advertisement will be rejected.

3. The release must be written in third person and use proper grammar and spelling.  Exceptions are sometimes made when a release fails to use the third person. Example: A company talking directly to their customers. However, this is not how the standard press release is formatted and other sites may not re-print it.

4. The release may not promote a Web site with no original content, illegal content or adult content. Basically, it needs to be family friendly and link to a site that provides the reader with real value. Releases linking to sites that are made for Adsense or affiliate programs will be rejected.

5. No duplicate/similar submissions. If you try to submit the same release twice (on different days), you and your site will be banned.


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