How to write a press release

The following is an example press release template. It will show you how to properly write and the correct format of a press release.

Your Press Release Headline Is Short, Sweet and to the Point

Your summary is a brief synopsis of the press release. It should be 1 to 4 sentences long and use a normal sentence structure.

City, State ( Month Day, Year  Your first paragraph needs to tell people what the press release is about. Answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where and why. Make sure you start the first paragraph off correctly, with the city/state/publisher/etc

Now fill the body of the press release with about 300-600 words. Make sure it is written in the third person. Any references to you, I, we, us need to be contained in someone quote.

The final sentence in the release should lead the reader to your site.

About your company:

Add a short paragraph about your company to the end of the release. Make sure you use About [company name]: in the line above it.

Contact Information:

Contact Name
E-mail Address
Phone Number
URL to Web site

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