Site Authors

Editor in Chief of
Justin Walker: [email protected]

Justin is 68 years old and is retired, however as he puts it I still like to keep my hands dirty, his workload is fairly lite he keeps an eye on things and nothing gets published without his approval.

Justin is an author of several books including a two volume auto biography, he also was a radio talk show host for years he is quite famous locally, we are lucky to have him

Contributors: Are you interested in becoming a contributor please email Justin or use our contact form.

Roland Klein: [email protected]

I’m Roland 62 years old and I worked in the offshore oil industries as an engineer retired the past 3 years and I run the day to day operation of the site.

I am what you call a news junkie I like to know what goes on in the world, and in most cases I surf the internet looking for special and unique stories that I think our users are interesting in, however Justin has the final decision on what gets published

Lainey Mills:[email protected]

Lainey is 28 years old and a journalist student, Lainey took some courses  in marketing online as well as offline, so he looks after advertising. Lainey also helps out with the publishing as well as the technical aspect of running the site.


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