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UK-funded ice breaker in ‘elite’ Arctic tourism row

(Media Release) Concerns have been raised about the participation of a UK science vessel in an Arctic tourist voyage. Funded by the UK government, the RRS Ernest Shackleton normally carries out support work for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). But this summer the ice breaker has been chartered to accompany a luxury liner’s voyage in […]

This Warren Buffett rule can work wonders on your portfolio

(Media Release) Ask Warren Buffett for the single most powerful factor behind his investing success, and he’d respond “compound interest” — without skipping a beat. He’s been preaching this for six decades, and it’s made him a billionaire. And it’s something every investor can copy. Beginning in 1956, Buffett spent 14 years as general partner […] Makes It Possible to Download Software For Free

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by               Press Release Distribution is a new online resource that hosts over 9000 software programs one cannot go without when working with advanced gadgets. The site makes it possible to search and download software for Windows, Linux, Mobile Phones, Mac devices etc. The download […]

Won’t tolerate ‘callous’ workplace practices, Amazon’s Bezos says

(Media Release) “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.” So reads a sign above the entrance to Amazon’s newest UK “fulfilment centre” (or warehouse) in Hemel Hempstead. Inside lies more than 40,000 sq m of shelving, packing lines and millions of products. One area where larger products are stored is known as “pallet land” and adjacent, […]

Download Best 3D Abstract HD Wallpapers Free

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submission Press Release Distribution Ever since computers have originated, desktop wallpapers also emerged along with it. Apparently, as the computers and other technological devices have acquired an integral place in majority peoples’ lives, desktop wallpapers have also evolved tremendously during the course of time and has been before also and is […]

Long-term aspirin ‘blindness link’

People who regularly take aspirin for many years, such as those with heart problems, are more likely to develop a form of blindness, researchers say. A study on 2,389 people, in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, showed aspirin takers had twice the risk of “wet” age-related macular degeneration. The disease damages the ‘sweet spot’ in […]

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