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Pentagon to increase number of US troops in Iraq; Carter discusses ‘accelerating’ ISIS campaign

(Media Release) The US plans to increase the number of troops in Iraq as it seeks to “accelerate” its campaign to “crush” Islamic State in the region, the Pentagon chief said. Ash Carter met with his French partner seeking ways to bring Arab states “in the game,” too. Aside from his bilateral meeting with his […]

Why Taliban special forces are fighting Islamic State

(Media Release) The Afghan Taliban say they have unleashed “special forces” in an increasingly bloody battle with fighters from the rival, so-called Islamic State (IS) group. The Taliban’s dominance and monopoly on insurgency in a region home to numerous local and foreign militant groups is being challenged by IS, which has been gaining some support. […]

Violent Uproar in Afghanistan Casts Shadow on U.S. Pullout

WASHINGTON — American officials sought to reassure bothAfghanistan’s government and a domestic audience on Sunday that the United States remained committed to the war after the weekendkilling of two American military officers inside the Afghan Interior Ministry and days of deadly anti-American protests. But behind the public pronouncements, American officials described a growing concern, even at […]

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