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How four men survived as hostages of IS

(Media Release) In his classic novel 1984, George Orwell writes about Room 101 – a torture chamber where you are subjected to your worst nightmare, the worst thing in the world, to break your resistance. To survive any such place of profound pain is the greatest of gifts, a triumph of the human spirit. In […]

Putin: Turkey ‘will regret’ downing Russian bomber in Syria

(Media Release) Russian President Vladimir Putin has castigated Turkey’s leaders, warning that they will regret shooting down a Russian Su-24 bomber in Syria. In a state of the nation speech, broadcast live on Russian television, he said that “if anyone thinks Russia’s reaction will be limited to trade sanctions, they are deeply mistaken”. “We’ll remind […]

Syrian plane had illegal cargo, says Turkey’s Davutoglu

Turkish officials have accused a Syrian passenger plane of carrying “illegal cargo” between Moscow and Damascus. Turkey intercepted the Syrian Air plane and searched it because of suspicions it was carrying military equipment. But officials in Russia and Syria strongly denied the allegations and accused the Turkish authorities of endangering passengers and crew. Tension between […]

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