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IBM just beat Google to a brand new type of computing

(Media Release) On Wednesday, IBM scientists will make a quantum computer available to the public as a cloud service for the first time. Although the cloud service is geared mostly toward scientists and students, anyone interested in this strange new computer will be able to give it a try, Jerry Chow, one of the scientists leading the […]

Roajer’s Launch a new all in one casino game

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by Roajer’s Press Release Distribution Roajer’s an entrepreneur couple announces today the launch of A treasure of Egypt casino game in App store. The developer included all the popular casino games in one app with the idea to play all the games without leaving the app. The app is available for free as […] India’s one of the Fastest Growing Online Music Store

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by             Press Release Distribution Many times we fail to convey our emotions to our near and dear ones. No matter how much we try but we fail terribly and often give up. Have you ever wondered if there is any other way through which we can […]

Legal breakthrough for Google’s self-driving car

(Media Release) The biggest compliment you could possibly give the Google driverless car team is that experiencing their groundbreaking product feels utterly unremarkable. Dull, even. Let me explain. This week I, along with a heap of other reporters, was given a ride in two of their driverless vehicles. The first was a modified Lexus that […]

Apple has another problem: The iPad is dying

(Media Release) When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad six years ago, it was the biggest thing since, well, the iPhone. But Apple’s  latest news shows how far the shine has come off it. Sales of iPads plunged by an astonishing 25% over Christmas, the company revealed in Tuesday’s quarterly earnings announcement. Holiday sales of iPads […]

Michael Mosley: The truth about alcohol

(Media Release) Michael Mosley has given up alcohol for January – but does anyone know exactly what effect drinking has on our health? You can’t open a newspaper at this time of year without reading a story about moderate alcohol consumption being good or bad for you, or making no difference at all. And now […]

Trafalgar Soft Company Limited To Launch Air Break By November 5th, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by   Press Release Distribution rafalgar Soft Company Limited has recently announced that their action jump game called Air Break is all set to be launched on November 5th, 2015. This app was made to cater to larger group of gamers as it suits both children and grown up adults as well.( […]

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