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The anatomy of a nation-state hack attack

(Media Release) Cyber-security is not all about cyber-thieves. It is about cyber-spies too. Mixed in among the spam, phishing messages and booby-trapped emails that land in your inbox might be the odd message crafted by hackers working for a government rather than a group of criminals. Unfortunately, those messages are not odd in any other […]

How President Putin is getting what he wants in Syria

(Media Release) Viewed from the West, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, is in the diplomatic dog-house. His annexation of Crimea and military involvement in eastern Ukraine broke the settled pattern of post-Cold War relations in Europe. The Russian military’s increasingly aggressive patrolling and exercises on the margins of Nato have raised genuine concerns – even in […]

Saudi won’t dare send troops to Syria: Iran

(Media Release) Saudi Arabia wouldn’t dare send ground troops to war-torn Syria, the chief of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards said Saturday, after Riyadh opened up the possibility of such a deployment. The Sunni-ruled kingdom, Iran’s regional rival, has said it could “contribute positively” if the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group in […]

Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons against Isis but hopes they ‘will never be needed’

(Media Release) Vladimir Putin has said he hopes nuclear warheads will not be needed after Russia launched cruise missiles from its submarine at Isis targets in Syria. During a meeting in the Kremlin, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told the President that Kalibr cruise missiles had been fired by the Rostov-on-Don submarine from the Mediterranean […]

Iran navy fires shots at tanker as tensions rise in Gulf

(Media Release) WASHINGTON/LONDON (Reuters) – Iranian naval vessels fired shots at a Singapore-flagged tanker in the Gulf on Thursday, in what appeared to be Iran’s latest attempt to settle a legal dispute by force with passing commercial vessels, U.S. officials said. The incident unnerved the shipping industry just as President Barack Obama met with Gulf […]

Iranian TV shows off ‘captured US ScanEagle drone’

Iranian state television has showed images of what it says is an unmanned US drone captured in its airspace. The Revolutionary Guards said they had brought down a ScanEagle – one of the smaller, less sophisticated drones employed by the Americans. Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi told the Fars news agency that the drone had conducted […]

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