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Financial markets experience low down with a negative impact on investment appetite, investors remain cautious- Al Masah Capital report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by             Press Release Distribution The headlines that captured the news scene this week, affecting the financial markets was Britain’s referendum on EU membership. The potential exit together with the Fed’s meeting in which the Fed had decided not to raise interest rates for some time, coupled […]

US Senate rejects terror list gun sale restrictions

(Media Release) The US Senate has rejected plans to tighten gun controls, including the restriction of weapons sales to people on terrorism watch lists. Four proposals were brought before the Senate after 49 people died in an attack on a gay nightclub in Florida. But Democratic and Republican senators voted along party lines, blocking each […]

20% of Donald Trump’s campaign spending goes to Trump businesses, filing says

(Media Release) Donald Trump’s campaign is almost broke, and is paying an unusual amount of money to Trump-owned businesses. That’s according to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s FEC filing, details of which were released Monday night. The report provided a number of rather shocking facts, including that his campaign raised just $3.1 million in May […]

N. Korea Steals U.S. Fighter Blueprints

(Media Release) North Korean hackers reportedly infiltrated a computer network belonging to a South Korean aerospace firm’s computer network and made off with blueprints for the F-15 Eagle—the American-designed jet fighter that forms the backbone of the U.S. and South Korean air forces. But don’t panic quite yet. There’s not much Pyongyang’s engineers can actually […]

Vladimir Putin’s Secret Weapon

(Media Release) Every day, the red line ticks up and down. Some weeks it trends higher, others lower. It measures the most important vital sign of Russia’s body politic: the popularity of Vladimir Putin. In the Kremlin they call it the reiting—the Russian pronunciation of rating—and the reiting rules supreme over all of the nation’s […]

Give your accessories a Summer makeover with Shoe Mart

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by Press Release Distribution Mind the bags, the shoes and the accoutrements this Summer. Keeping your accessory wardrobe in tune with seasonal trends takes as much effort as following the latest trends in ready-to-wear. And with the arrival of the new season, the time has come again to freshen up your style […]

Will Orlando shooting swing election for Trump?

(Media Release) Conversations in which Democrat Hillary Clinton is advanced as the odds-on favourite to win the US presidency usually contain an explicit or implicit “but”. Yes, Mrs Clinton has built-in advantages in electoral maths and organisation and Donald Trump’s controversial views and propensity for wandering woefully off-message are political liabilities – but what if […]

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