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Michael Mosley: The truth about alcohol

(Media Release) Michael Mosley has given up alcohol for January – but does anyone know exactly what effect drinking has on our health? You can’t open a newspaper at this time of year without reading a story about moderate alcohol consumption being good or bad for you, or making no difference at all. And now […] Offers New GTA 5 Modifications

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by           Press Release Distribution Gamers all over the world will be excited to find out that new GTA 5 modifications have already become available on the web. They are provided by and will surely affect the quality and versatility of the game. This is what the […]

Online reviews ‘used as blackmail’

(Media Release) Businesses are ambushing rivals with fake reviews and customers are using the threat of online criticism to win discounts, research has found. Allegations have been made of people “blackmailing” firms with poor reviews to get money off, theCompetition and Markets Authority (CMA) said. Review sites may leave negative commentary unpublished to allow firms […]

The Korean grandmothers who sell sex

Media Release: Koreans could once be sure that their children would look after them in their old age, but no longer – many of those who worked hard to transform the country’s economy find the next generation has other spending priorities. As a result, some elderly women are turning to prostitution. Kim Eun-ja sits on […]

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