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What an Obama endorsement will mean for Hillary

(Media Release) Barack Obama is about to tell Bernie Sanders that the revolution stops now. On Tuesday evening Mr Obama called Hillary Clinton to congratulate her on securing enough delegates to “clinch” the Democratic nomination. He also called Bernie Sanders to thank him for his hard-fought campaign. At the Vermont senator’s request, the two will […]

US election: Why has Trump caught Clinton in the polls?

(Media Release) For the first time in this long election campaign, Republican Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls. Mrs Clinton’s double-digit lead, which she has held over the past several months, has vanished – and with it, apparently, Democrats’ dreams of a transformational 2016 victory […]

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Why is Clinton crime bill so controversial?

(Media Release) A 1994 federal crime bill passed by former President Bill Clinton has become a problem for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But what did it actually do? The crime bill in question is the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, an enormous $30bn (£21bn) package that was the largest crime-control bill in US history. […]

Is the US presidential race ‘rigged’?

(Media Release) The United States may be a democracy, but the party presidential nomination process – upon closer inspection – is hardly a shining beacon of democratic light. For most of US history, party nominees have been decided by political power brokers and deal-makers behind closed doors. Parties operate like private clubs – they make […]

Pan Masala Market – An Investor’s Guide For Setting Up a Pan Masala Manufacturing Plant

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by                 Press Release Distribution This report provides a deep insight into the pan masala market and the requirements for setting up a pan masala manufacturing plant. This includes factors such as industry trends, growth, market structure, manufacturing process, raw material requirements, incomes, expenditures, cash […]

US election 2016: Who’s funding Trump, Sanders and the rest?

(Media Release) The role of money has become an issue all its own in this election cycle. Bernie Sanders has called for an end to big money in politics while billionaire Donald Trump is using his own wealth to fund part of his campaign. US federal election law requires all candidates to report each campaign […]

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