Cardiac ‘bruising’ may predict worse heart attack

(Media Release) UK researchers say they have found a new way to tell if a heart attack is more severe and might cause lasting harm – by looking for bruising or bleeding in the heart muscle. Patients with this sign on scans more often develop serious problems like heart failure, says the Glasgow team. It’s […]

The 6 Most Common Ways Men Die, and How to Avoid Them

          (Media Release) All A/C units falling out of windows aside, sidestepping what’s out to get you is actually pretty simple. And when it comes to delaying your inevitable demise, lifestyle plays a bigger role than genetics do, per research in the Journal of Internal Medicine. Here are the six biggest […]

Burning wood indoors to cook raises health risks for billions

(Media Release) 600-800 million families worldwide at higher risk of illnesses from household air pollution Indoor air pollution from burning fuels such as wood to heat or light homes or cook is putting nearly three billion people worldwide at risk of ill health and early death, new research suggests. A woman uses firewood to cook in […]

Getting Fit By the Age of 50 Helps Prevent Disease in Your “Golden Years”

Most people intuitively know that the lifestyle choices they make today impact their future health. But this rather vague connection has now been quantified by science. A new study shows your lifestyle choices in middle age have a direct impact on how you’ll spend your Golden Years. If you’re fit at 50, you’re much more likely to […]

The Top 5 Killers of Men

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE It was a sunny September day in the Pacific Northwest, and Jeff Hale had just closed a $1.5 million deal. To celebrate, he was taking the afternoon off, relaxing on his patio lounge, and playing ball with his dog. That’s when he began feeling compression high in his chest, some pain in […]

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