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In search of a restful night. Use only the best HERBAL sleeping pills to truly rest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submission  Press Release Distribution It is a well known fact that the stressful life that many of us live through these days has a disruptive effect on our sleep patterns. This is of course aggravated by the actual life styles we lead. The human evolved from hunter gatherers who […]

Online Dental Education Site Raising Money for Local Charity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release Submitted by       E-den Education is currently running a charity campaign to support Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation. Alexandria, New South Wales (Australia), December 18, 2012 — eDen Education is currently raising money to support those with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation is an organization committed to […]

Sleep: Weird things people do in their sleep

Increasing numbers of people are asking for help with sleep disorders and some of them are doing rather strange things during the night. Specialist sleep clinics are treating more people with sleep disorders than ever before. It’s not surprising. More than 30% of the UK population currently suffers from insomnia or another sleep disorder, according to […]

Dr. Energy Saver Westchester Sponsors Team Daniella and the Fight Against Breast Cancer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release Submitted By Westchester County, NY – Dr. Energy Saver Westchester has participated in the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, and has also sponsored Team Daniella’s efforts. Team Daniella honors the fight and victory of Daniella Carlo, the wife of Dr. Energy Saver Westchester Owner, Michael Carlo. So close to […]

Prices Are Now Published Online for the Leeds Physiotherapist Office!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release Submitted By One of the problems with physiotherapists is that they almost never publish their prices online. However, just recently, a Leeds Physiotherapist office, which can be found at started publishing their prices on their online website. This allows everyday people like you or I to find their prices in […]

Health news:The Hidden Perpetrator of Sinus Infections – Found in 96% of Mayo Study Participants

By Dr. Mercola Nasal congestion is usually caused by infection or allergy, and is one of the most frequent medical complaints in the United States.A common belief is that nasal congestion or “stuffy nose” is due to a buildup of mucus.However, congestion is more often due to swelling of the nasal tissues, caused by inflamed […]

The Great Cancer Hoax Part II: The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down…

Important! The producers of this powerful film are allowing a full and FREE preview through September 24th! Please tell everyone you know to watch this film in its entirety through September 24th, 2011. You can support the film by purchasing a copy for only $10! View It Here By Dr. Mercola In ( 1971, US […]

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