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Killer robots: Tech experts warn against AI arms race

(Media Release) More than 1,000 tech experts, scientists and researchers have written a letter warning about the dangers of autonomous weapons. In the latest outcry over “killer robots”, the letter warns that “a military AI [artificial intelligence] arms race is a bad idea”. Among the signatories are scientist Stephen Hawking, entrepreneur Elon Musk and Apple […]

The end of religion as we know it: Why churches can no longer hide the truth

(Media Release) If Daniel Dennett is anything, he is a champion of the facts. The prominent philosopher of science is an advocate for hard-nosed empiricism, and as a leading New Atheist he calls for naturalistic explanations of religion. Dennett is also the co-author (along with Linda LaScola) of the recently¬†expanded and updated¬†Caught in the Pulpit: […]

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