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Main Street America is rising up

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Rt News) ( Drawing  their inspiration from Egypt and Wisconsin, nearly 10,000 union supporters clogged the streets of Los Angeles to let it be known they will not stand for what they call an attack on the middle class. Tom Morello, lead guitarist of band, Rage Against the Machine, took his rage […]

Instant View: Reaction to U.N. council vote on Libya

We( only hope that it’s not to late, and  Muammar Gaddafi does the honorably thing and steps down, and let the Libyans choose their own leader, the age of dictatorship is over Reuters) – The U.N. Security Council voted on Thursday to authorize a no-fly zone over Libya and “all necessary measures” — code for military […]

RAF prepares to help impose no-fly zone over Libya

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWell( happened the UN finely came to their senses, and now there is hope for the Libyan people, we can only hope it’s not to late. However if it were not for the Arab league of nations it would not have happen. The Guardian: RAF ground attack aircraft are ready to help impose […]

Libya: world leaders reject military intervention and UN fails to act.

Once ( again the world fails to act, a perfect chance to get rid of a mad man and terrorist, and bring peace and stability to the region. World news from the Telegraph UK France and Britain failed to persuade other powers meeting in Paris to impose a no–fly zone over the country, where pro–Gaddafi forces […]

Deserters threaten Libya’s grass-roots revolution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Deserting ( soldiers and officers are badly needed in the fight against Gaddafi forces, to deal with the heavy weapons. But they involve risks for the civilian revolutionary leadership.  BREGA/BENGHAZI: Jilal Sulliman has all the military savvy, that the other men around him lack. With experience from 10 years in the Libyan […]

Expert: Now there is a civil war in Libya

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The ( conflict in Libya has developed into a veritable civil war, assesses Mideast expert. The fighting between Gaddafi’s supporters and rebels in Libya. The rebels want Gaddafi gone sooner rather then later, and a democratic type government put in place, Qaddafi is refusing to step down and is using his armed forces […]

Is An Islamic State on the way in Yemen, al-Qaeda is trying to influence events.

The ( Americans fear that the protests in Yemen will lead to an Islamist state instead of democracy. And there is good reason to fear it. One of Yemen’s most influential religious leaders, who at the same time, is suspected of financing terrorism, has in front of thousands of a Government-critical audience, is promising to make Yemen […]

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