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Islamic State: How it is run

(Media Release) In a ground mission in eastern Syria last weekend, US special forces killed Abu Sayyaf, a man they described as playing a key role in Islamic State’s oil and gas operations. The American commandos were quickly engaged in a firefight, during which Abu Sayyaf was killed. But their original goal was to capture […]

The secret plot behind the creation of ISIS

(Media Release) ISIS, the world understands, is a violent jihadist group driven by twisted religious devotion and its dream of radical Islamist conquest. ISIS’s own members understand the group that way. But what if they’re wrong? What if ISIS is not a spontaneous religious movement, but rather was constructed by a shadowy group of secular […]

Vladimir Putin’s formative German years

(Media Release) Anyone who wants to understand Vladimir Putin today needs to know the story of what happened to him on a dramatic night in East Germany a quarter of a century ago. It is 5 December 1989 in Dresden, a few weeks after the Berlin Wall has fallen. East German communism is dying on […]

Post Prism: The new meaning of spyware

(Media Release) If you thought you were pretty clever knowing that spyware refers to pieces of malicious code put on computers in order for cybercriminals to steal your passwords and other IDs, think again. These days it has a much more literal sense, at least if the latest documents leaked by former US National Security […]

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