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In search of the perfect sweetener

(Media Release) Too much refined sugar is blamed for a wave of obesity and ill-health, so the search is on for the perfect sweetener. But it’s not an easy task, writes Michael Mosley. I have had a love affair with sugar that has lasted all of my life. I adore the sweet stuff and in […]

Tax sugary drinks by 20%, say doctors

(Media Release) An extra 20% tax on sugary drinks should be introduced to tackle the obesity crisis, the British Medical Association says. It estimates poor diets are causing around 70,000 premature deaths each year. In a major report on unhealthy diets, the body called for the extra money raised to be used to subsidise fresh […]

Specialized E-Commerce site launched for Energy Drinks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by               Press Release Distribution Albuquerque, NM – Energy Drinks started out as a sub-category in the beverage section, and then moved into their own aisles in our supermarket. With a growing market for health products, manufacturers realized that there was scope to create a whole […]

Caffeine energy drinks ‘intensify heart contractions’

(Media Release) Energy drinks packed with caffeine can change the way the heart beats, researchers warn. The team from the University of Bonn in Germany imaged the hearts of 17 people an hour after they had an energy drink. The study showed contractions were more forceful after the drink. The team told the annual meeting […]

Most UK Men are Not Worried About Their Alcohol Consumption

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submissions     Press Release Distribution England 12/08/2013 – A recent survey conducted by a health care plan provider has revealed some interesting facts about the way UK men look at health. The survey was carried out by Medicash who provide affordable and simple health care plans. They asked a group […]

Russia classifies beer as alcoholic

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a bill that officially classifies beer as alcoholic. Until now anything containing less than 10% alcohol in Russia has been considered a foodstuff. The move, signed into law on Wednesday, will allow ministers to control the sale of beer in the same way that spirits are controlled. Russian alcohol […]

3 Surprising Reasons to Give Up Soda

A recent Danish study revealed that drinking non-diet soda leads to dramatic increases in dangerous hard-to-detect fats. Researchers asked participants to drink either regular soda, milk containing the same amount of calories as regular soda, diet cola, or water every day for six months. The results? Total fat mass remained the same across all beverage-consuming […]

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