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FBI might have way to unlock attacker’s iPhone without Apple

(Media Release) LOS ANGELES — A much-anticipated court hearing on the federal government’s effort to force Apple Inc. to unlock the iPhone used by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino terror attack was abruptly vacated Monday after the FBI revealed it may have a way to access data without the company’s help. Federal […]

Google denies claims it broke child-data promises

(Media Release) Google has denied it broke its promises on using children’s personal data. Civil liberties group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) accused Google of collecting and storing data from children using its products at school. It asked the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate. But Google said it used the data only to […]

FBI accused of paying US university for dark net attack

(Media Release) Anonymity network Tor, notorious for illegal activity, has claimed that researchers at US Carnegie Mellon university were paid by the FBI to launch an attack on them. Tor claimed that the FBI was “outsourcing police work” and paid the university “at least $1m (£675,000)”. Tor is a so-called dark net – a hidden […]

What is Tor? A beginner’s guide to the privacy tool

Media release The anonymity software has sparked controversy but who built it, what is it used for, what browser does it use – and why is the NSA so worried by it? Until this year, the internet privacy tool Tor was scarcely heard of outside the tech community. Since revelations about the surveillance strategies of […]

Tech news:The CIA wants to spy on you using your own TV

Tech news: Devices connected to internet leak information CIA director says these gadgets will ‘transform clandestine tradecraft’ Spies could watch thousands via supercomputers People ‘bug’ their own homes with web-connected devices When people download a film from Netflix to a flatscreen, or turn on web radio, they could be alerting unwanted watchers to exactly what […]

Business news: Yahoo sues Facebook over 10 disputed patents in the US

(Business news) Yahoo has filed an intellectual property lawsuit against Facebook. Yahoo claims the social network has infringed 10 of its patents including systems and methods for advertising on the web. Facebook denies the allegation. The move comes ahead of Facebook’s planned flotation later this year. Patent ( litigation has become common between the smartphone makers, […]

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